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GCP DevOps Engineer Test: Find top talent through comprehensive evaluation

A GCP DevOps Engineer Test is a pre-hiring assessment to evaluate the applicant's skills, knowledge, and expertise for a DevOps engineering role in a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. The test assesses candidates’ proficiency in cloud computing and GCP, terraform, containerization and orchestration, ELK stack, and DevOps. 

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Inside this GCP DevOps Assessment

The GCP DevOps Engineer Test is a technical multiple-choice question (MCQ) test to evaluate the proficiency and potential of candidates in implementing cloud platform strategies. Professionals are assessed on their ability to handle assignments to achieve operational success and their competency to find the optimal balance between service reliability and efficient delivery. The test aims to determine candidates' ability to efficiently deploy and administer applications on GCP.

This GCP DevOps Engineer Test helps assess candidates' skills, knowledge and understanding of various crucial topics related to GCP, cloud computing, Terraform, containerization, orchestration, ELK stack, and DevOps methodologies. The test enables talent acquisition experts to gauge candidates' technical proficiency in cloud infrastructure, deployment automation tools, DevOps monitoring and lagging best practices.

The test helps to screen candidates for the following profiles: 

  • GCP DevOps engineer 
  • Google Cloud Services engineer 
  • DevOps engineer  
  • Cloud DevOps engineer 


The high demand for GCP DevOps engineers in the business world can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has gained significant popularity as a cloud computing platform, offering a wide range of services and tools to support businesses throughout application development, from development and deployment to management. With the widespread adoption of GCP across organizations comes the need for seasoned experts to effectively use its features and streamline the infrastructure to facilitate optimized development and deployment workflows. 

GCP DevOps engineers demonstrate proficiency and specialized skills in connecting development and operations, guaranteeing efficient and well-organized workflows within a cloud-native setting. However, recruiting skilled GCP DevOps engineers is a formidable undertaking. Firstly, the domain of DevOps is comparatively young, and identifying individuals with a profound understanding of software development and IT operations (ITOps) can present difficulties. Moreover, GCP DevOps professionals must possess domain-specific knowledge and proficiency with Google Cloud technologies - BigQuery, Kubernetes, and Cloud Storage, to name a few. 

Most importantly, given the swift advancement in cloud technologies, it becomes vital for DevOps engineers to stay well-informed of the latest updates and trends and exhibit a commitment to continuous learning. Therefore, finding applicants who embody such qualities is of utmost significance.

Hence, organizations should integrate the GCP DevOps Pre-hiring Test into their recruitment endeavors to address these challenges. These assessments function as a screening mechanism to assess candidates' GCP technical knowledge and skills and their capability to resolve real-world DevOps issues. These pre-hiring assessments consist of scenario-based technical MCQs that can help employers filter out unfit candidates identified in the initial stages of recruitment, enabling stakeholders to conserve time and resources significantly.

Moreover, the GCP DevOps Engineer Test aids in identifying talent with the required expertise and excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are crucial for successful DevOps experts in GCP environments. 


This GCP DevOps Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

GCP DevOps Test Competency Framework

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GCP DevOps Engineer Test Competencies Under Scanner

GCP DevOps Engineer Test


Cloud Computing and GCP

This test section covers the intricacies of cloud computing through skills such as SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS and networking and virtual private clouds. In addition, candidates must be well-versed in GCP services such as Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the overall architecture of the Google Cloud Platform, knowledge of authentication and authorization using Cloud IAM, understanding of messaging and event-driven systems using Cloud Pub/Sub, and their ability to analyze data using BigQuery.


This test section covers questions on Terraform, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool. It focuses on candidates' skills in writing Terraform modules, understanding core concepts, and familiarity with expressions, variables, and interpolation.

Containerization and orchestration

A DevOps engineer must be proficient in containerization and orchestration. The topics covered in this section include the Docker Compose tool, containerization techniques and orchestration using Docker, Kubernetes cluster management, and Ingress configuration.


The Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) stack is an extensively utilized log management and analytics solution. This section includes questions based on Elasticsearch indexing and mapping, Logstash plugins, and Kibana for index mapping and log visualization.


This section includes DevOps questions to assess applicants' grasp of basic DevOps concepts and practices. It covers skills such as cloud services and SDKs, CI/CD deployment management, Jenkins, version control in DevOps, and the usage of Git in DevOps practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Google Cloud Platform (with DevOps) Test typically refers to an online assessment that evaluates candidates' skills and knowledge in GCP services, DevOps methodology, and their ability to implement end-to-end CI/CD solutions and infrastructure automation using GCP's toolset. 

Absolutely. The Mercer | Mettl test platform offers robust proctoring and cheating prevention measures to ensure a secure and fair assessment environment. By enabling the proctoring feature, the test is conducted under strict supervision, minimizing the possibility of cheating and upholding the integrity of online assessments. 

Yes, you can incorporate custom questions tailored to align with your specific skill sets and role requirements that you specify. 

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