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Online Keras Test- Streamline hiring with the Online Keras Test

An Online Keras Test is an assessment conducted through an online platform that tests an individual's knowledge and skills using Keras, a popular open-source deep learning framework. The test typically includes questions and tasks related to various aspects of Keras, such as model building, data preprocessing, training, and evaluation. It aims to assess the test-taker's proficiency in utilizing Keras to develop and deploy deep-learning models for various applications.

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Inside this Online Keras Assessment

Keras is a Python-based network library with a Python interface for artificial neural networks. Keras lets users produce deep models on smartphones (iOS and Android), the Java virtual machine, and the web. It makes it easy for developers to build and experiment with deep learning models and supports recurrent neural networks and convolutional neural networks. With its high-level API, Keras can be easily configured to perform complex tasks with minimal code. It seamlessly integrates with TensorFlow, making it a popular choice for deep learning projects. Hiring individuals skilled in Keras can accelerate the journey from conceptualizing ideas to achieving tangible results in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

The Keras Test evaluates candidates' proficiency in various aspects of Keras. This includes assessing their ability to install Keras, import layers and model functions, and construct Keras models using sequential, functional, and subclassing APIs. Additionally, the test evaluates candidates' competence in compiling, training, and testing Keras models and their aptitude for debugging errors. By utilizing Mercer | Mettl's Keras Online Test, technical recruiters and hiring managers can effectively assess candidates' deep learning skills with Keras. The test has been meticulously crafted by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) to align with industry standards and facilitate hiring competent machine learning developers.


The need for an online Keras Test arises from the growing demand for professionals with expertise in deep learning and specifically in using the Keras framework. As deep understanding continues to gain prominence in various industries, there is a need to assess individuals' skills and knowledge in this area. An Online Keras Test provides a standardized and efficient way to evaluate candidates' proficiency in using Keras, ensuring that they possess the necessary skills to contribute effectively to deep learning projects. Additionally, an online test allows for remote assessment, making it convenient for test-takers and evaluators. 

In conclusion, an online Keras Test addresses the need to assess individuals' proficiency using the Keras framework for deep learning. While challenges such as maintaining test integrity exist, implementing appropriate measures and guidelines helps overcome these challenges and ensures a reliable evaluation process. By conducting online Keras tests, organizations can identify and pick candidates with the necessary skills to effectively contribute to deep learning.

Online Keras Test competency framework

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Online Keras Test competencies under scanner

Keras competencies


Keras concepts

The skills included here are - Keras - convolutional neural network, Keras - recurrent neural network, Keras - artificial neural networks, Keras - modules and layers, Keras – models, Keras - regression prediction using MPL, Keras - debugging errors, Keras – troubleshooting, Keras - data loading and processing, Keras – monitoring, Keras - API (sequential and functional), Keras - transfer learning and Keras - tensorflow integration.

Deep learning

The skills are deep learning – algorithms, deep learning – NLP and deep learning - neural network layers


The skills included here are Python – numPy, Python - pandas and Python - control flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An Online Keras Test aims to evaluate an individual's knowledge and proficiency in using the Keras framework for deep learning. It assesses their ability to build, train, and evaluate deep learning models using Keras, ensuring they have the necessary skills for real-world applications.

An online Keras Test is typically conducted through an online platform or assessment tool. Candidates are presented with questions and tasks related to Keras, such as model building, data preprocessing, and evaluation. They may be required to write code, answer multiple-choice questions, or complete practical exercises to demonstrate their understanding and skills in using Keras.

Taking an online Keras Test provides a standardized and objective evaluation of an individual's Keras skills, allowing employers to assess their proficiency consistently. It helps identify candidates with the necessary knowledge and expertise to work with Keras effectively, enabling organizations to make informed hiring decisions. Lastly, an Online Keras Test allows for remote assessment, making it convenient for both candidates and evaluators, especially when in-person reviews are not feasible.

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