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PostgreSQL Online Test - Identify and recruit top tech talent using this test

The PostgreSQL Test is an online pre-employment assessment tool for recruiting teams and hiring managers to identify the most suitable candidates for PostgreSQL developer roles. The PostgreSQL Online Test can help reduce the time and effort of hiring by screening out unsuitable candidates.

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Inside this Postgres Test

PostgreSQL, also called Postgres, is a leading object-relational database system (ORDBMS). PostgreSQL is known worldwide for its reliability, data integrity, and unmatched functionality. It runs on all major operating systems such as LINUX, UNIX, and Windows. It was in 1986 that the PostgreSQL project was initiated at Berkeley Computer Science Department, University of California. In the decades that followed, an active development took place on the core platform.  

Amid vehement demand for PostgreSQL developers by organizations worldwide, many software developers prefer exhibiting these skills on their resumes/CVs. Still, most of them do not make the grade when more complex tasks requiring specific software development expertise need to be performed. The PostgreSQL Test is a technical assessment to help tap the right talent pool to identify the most accomplished PostgreSQL experts. Using the Postgre Test can enable employers to gauge the depth and breadth of candidates' proficiency in their domain. 

The test assesses candidates' skills in these two areas: Database Query Writing and general concepts of PostgreSQL. These tests aim to provide candidates with real-life scenarios focusing on understanding problem-solving skills rather than a candidate's theoretical understanding. Designed by seasoned veterans and industry experts, the Postgres Test takes 60 minutes to complete and includes 32 questions.  

Competency framework - Postgres Test for recruitment and selection 

PostgreSQL Online Test competencies under scanner 

Competency  Number of questions 
Database Query Writing  Mercer | Mettl's DBlysis simulator-based questions2
PostgreSQL General concepts 
  • Data types 
  • Functions and operators 
  • SQL language 
  • Tables 
  • Schemas 
  • Procedural language 
  • Backup and recovery 
  • Performance 
  • Queries and sub-queries 
  • Transactions 
  • Constraints 
32 Multiple choice questions (MCQs) 



Open-source database management systems are increasingly becoming a promising option for enterprises casting around for high-performing, cheaper alternatives to legacy databases. The most significant appeal of an open-source DBMS lies in its unmatched usability in developing new in-house applications with utmost ease. Organizations seeking the best available open-source options have realized that PostgreSQL checks all the boxes to satisfy their requirements.

PostgreSQL comes with features that help various stakeholders execute their tasks efficiently. For example, it can help developers build applications efficiently, provide administrators with ways to ensure data integrity, and create robust, fault-tolerant environments. Besides, it helps with data management, irrespective of the size of the dataset. As a result, several leading organizations, such as Cisco, Apple, Fujitsu, etc., have developed their products/solutions using PostgreSQL. Unsurprisingly, there is an unprecedented demand for this extensible and free object-relational database system - and so is the need for highly skilled PostgreSQL professionals. 

Therefore, it becomes crucial for prospective employers to understand applicants' competencies, problem-solving skills, and development prowess. It is beyond doubt that finding and hiring the best talent is a tricky task. That is why the Postgres Test comes in handy for streamlining the hiring process by evaluating candidates on core competencies required to succeed in their future roles. Administering a Postgres Test can help you identify candidates with good assessment scores and their ability to resolve day-to-day challenges and accomplish difficult goals in PostgreSQL development. This pre-employment test helps screen out applicants unsuitable for the role while considering successful candidates for the next stage of the selection process.

The PostgreSQL Online Test helps to screen candidates for the following roles:

  • PostgreSQL developer
  • Senior PostgreSQL developer


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