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Attract and recruit top talent using the Software Developer Assessment

The Software Developer Skills Assessment evaluates candidates' understanding of programming concepts and principles. It is a comprehensive evaluation to thoroughly examine the diverse range of skills necessary for excellence in software development. It covers various aspects, including coding proficiency, debugging capabilities, adaptability to new technologies and understanding of the software development lifecycle.

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About the Mercer | Mettl Software Developer Assessment

Mercer | Mettl's subject matter experts (SMEs) have designed the Software Developer Test to evaluate basic working skills and job readiness, enabling employers and recruiters to identify potential hires. The test assesses knowledge in software development according to industry standards. Recruiters and hiring managers can use the online test to screen and hire candidates with the necessary skills and abilities. The assessment includes questions testing candidates' varying skills and ability to succeed and thrive in software development roles. The evaluation ensures that candidates possess the technical expertise, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills essential in today's dynamic tech environment. It is an invaluable tool for companies seeking to enhance their tech teams with proficient developers who can drive innovation and efficiency.  

 What is a Software Developer Test?

The Software Developer Assessment measures coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and system design understanding. This test is crucial for organizations that seek to build or expand their development teams with exceptional talent by accurately evaluating technical proficiency and collaborative skills, ensuring the delivery of top-quality software solutions. 

Who is a Software developer?

Software developers design, program, document, and test software systems. They collaborate with teams, contributing small components to the final software product. They hold responsibility for the entire development process and consider the end-user when writing code to ensure a positive user experience. Effective communication skills are crucial as they collaborate with multiple teams and need a holistic perspective when creating software and resolving problems. 

What is inside this Software Developer Assessment?

The Software Developer Assessment measures candidates’ knowledge, thinking ability, and hands-on proficiency in software development skills. This assessment contains thirty multiple-choice questions and two coding questions with a total test duration of ninety minutes. There are twenty-two questions on the basic difficulty level and ten on the intermediate difficulty level. 

What skills does this Software Developer Test cover?

  • Hands-on programming: This competency includes sub-skills such as Codelysis - coding skills and Frontend Simulator - HTML/CSS/JS.  
  • Web technology: This competency includes sub-skills such as CSS 3-H, HTML 5-H, Java and New VR-H, JS and ES6, Python 3 – H, SPSS – General. 
  • Power BI: This competency includes Power BI-H subskills that a candidate for a software developer position must possess.  
  • Framework: This competency includes sub-skills such as React JS and Vue.JS-H. 

What roles can you assess using the Software Developer Assessment?

  • System analysts: They manage and enhance computer systems directly for organizations or clients. They review and assess how effective a company's current IT system is and build plans to improve its shortcomings or errors.  
  • Backend developers: They create, test, maintain, and debug the entire backend of an application or system, including the core application logic, databases, data and application integration, API, and other behind-the-scenes processes.  
  • Application developers: They translate client requirements into features and deliver functional software applications. They understand client needs, design prototypes, write code, perform testing, and maintain technical documentation.  
  • Full-stack developers: They create a product from scratch and oversee the overall project flow. It involves utilizing up-to-date frontend, backend, and cloud technologies.  

 Sample questions for the Software Developer Test

  1. What is a framework?  

A framework is a tool that provides software developers access to prebuilt solutions or components to expedite development.  

  1. What is object-oriented programming (OOP)? 

Object-oriented programming is a model that centers on data fields with specific behaviors and attributes called objects instead of logic or functions. 

  1. Name some debugging tools.  

Some standard debugging tools are Affinic, GDB, LLDB, Radare2, Valgrind and WinDbg.  

  1. What is refactoring? 

Refactoring refers to taking care of existing code and restructuring it to improve the code with minor changes without altering its underlying behavior. 

  1. What is virtual DOM?  

Virtual DOM (VDOM) refers to a programming notion where the DOM object's virtual representation is stored in memory before it syncs with a ‘real’ DOM object. The virtual DOM contains all the properties of the real counterpart but cannot change what is on a screen.

Software Developer Assessment competency framework

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Software Developer Assessment competencies under scanner

Software developer skills


Hands-on programming

This competency includes sub-skills such as Codelysis - coding skills and Frontend Simulator - HTML/CSS/JS.

Web technology

This competency includes sub-skills such as CSS 3-H, HTML 5-H, Java and New VR-H, JS and ES6, Python 3 – H, SPSS – General.

Power BI

This competency includes Power BI-H subskills that a candidate for a software developer position must possess.


This competency includes sub-skills such as React JS and Vue.JS-H.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Software development companies offer services that meet the needs of businesses and individuals. These services typically include custom software development, mobile app development, web development, software testing and quality assurance, software maintenance and support, UI/UX design, and technology consulting.

Software development companies ensure quality by implementing rigorous quality assurance practices throughout the development lifecycle. These practices involve following industry best practices, conducting thorough code reviews, performing automated and manual testing, utilizing bug-tracking systems, and continuously seeking client feedback.

The timeframe for custom software development projects can vary significantly depending on project complexity, the scope of features, and the chosen development methodology. Smaller projects with limited requirements may be completed within a few weeks, while more extensive projects may take several months or even longer.

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