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SuiteScript Test: Assess expertise in customization, optimization, security and best practices

The SuiteScript Skill Test evaluates candidates' proficiency in customizing, optimizing, securing, and adhering to best practices within the SuiteScript platform. The test measures candidates' capability to effectively use SuiteScript for customized NetSuite solutions while ensuring code efficiency and security. 

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Inside this SuiteScript Skill Assessment

The SuiteScript Test is a pre-hire evaluation conducted by recruiting managers to screen and assess developer candidates' skills in creating tailored solutions to improve the NetSuite experience and address distinctive business requirements. This comprehensive test focuses on crucial SuiteScript competencies to ensure a thorough evaluation of the candidates' abilities.

The test consists of multiple-choice questions based on essential SuiteScript competencies, including monitoring, auditing, and logging, which determine candidates' knowledge of tracking system activities and maintaining data integrity. Respondents will also be assessed on their knowledge of APIs to understand whether they can effortlessly integrate NetSuite with external applications and services and ensure smooth workflows.

Furthermore, the test aims to understand a candidate's knowledge of code performance optimization, modules and components, and effective debugging techniques. It also evaluates their proficiency in core plugins, security considerations, and best practices, ensuring they can develop secure and compliant SuiteScript solutions.

This technical test covers questions on creating script parameters, JSDoc validation, governance, and limits within the SuiteScript platform. It provides recruiters valuable insights into candidates' proficiency, helping them make the right hiring decision based on data.

The following job titles can be evaluated using this test: 

  • NetSuite technical consultant 
  • NetSuite developer 
  • NetSuite functional consultant - Suitescript 
  • NetSuite developer – Suite Talk/Suitescript


In the business landscape, there is a significant demand for NetSuite SuiteScript experts, driven by the escalating popularity of the NetSuite ERP platform. SuiteScript is a powerful tool for customizing and enriching NetSuite functionalities, making it crucial for businesses seeking unique solutions to meet their specific requirements. As organizations increasingly rely on NetSuite for their key business processes, the demand for proficient SuiteScript developers escalates to implement efficient workflows, optimize operations, and enhance the overall NetSuite experience.

Finding talented SuiteScript developers is challenging due to a plethora of reasons: 

  • SuiteScript is a specialized scripting language that requires a profound knowledge of JavaScript and NetSuite’s API. Identifying expert candidates with prowess in both areas can be tedious. 
  • Experienced SuiteScript developers are in high demand and might already be associated with different companies, making them less inclined to pursue new opportunities. 
  • SuiteScript is a niche skill, limiting the pool of potential candidates and increasing the competition among employers.

To overcome this challenge, the SuiteScript Test proves to be a helpful tool in finding the best SuiteScript developers. By evaluating applicants' knowledge and understanding of SuiteScript, the test enables talent acquisition experts to assess and hire individuals with the required skills, knowledge, and competencies. It helps ensure that assessment takers deeply understand customizing, optimizing, and securing NetSuite solutions while complying with industry best practices. 

The test enables employers to thoroughly assess candidates' capabilities, providing them with data to make informed choices in selecting top-tier tech talent who can make a meaningful and beneficial impact on the business's success and growth.


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SuiteScript Skills Test Competency Framework

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SuiteScript Test Competencies Under Scanner

NetSuite SuiteScript:

This section covers the following technical skills: monitoring, auditing, logging, APIs, workflows, code optimization, modules, components, debugging, core plugins, security considerations, creating script parameters, JSDoc validation, best practices, and governance and limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SuiteScript, a JavaScript-based language integrated into the NetSuite platform, empowers businesses with thorough customization and automation capabilities. Using SuiteScript APIs, one can manipulate core business records and user information through scripts executed at predefined events, such as form submissions, before read/write actions, field changes, and web requests. Moreover, SuiteScript's flexibility enables the scheduling of scripts to run at designated times, leading to improved efficiency and adaptability across various tasks and processes. 

A NetSuite developer's role involves customizing, extending, and enhancing the capabilities of the NetSuite ERP platform to fulfill specific business requirements. They utilize SuiteScript, a scripting language, to develop personalized solutions, integrate NetSuite with other applications, and automate diverse processes. NetSuite developers work in unison with other stakeholders to comprehend business needs, devise and carry out customizations, and ensure the flawless functioning of the system. They help enhance the NetSuite experience, optimize workflows, and provide impeccable solutions to drive business growth and success. 

The Mercer | Mettl SuiteScript Test is a pre-employment screening tool to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and skills in SuiteScript, a scripting language implemented within the NetSuite platform. This test assesses the respondent's proficiency in customizing and automating processes to ensure they fit the SuiteScript development roles correctly. 

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