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Test-Driven Development Test: Assess candidates' TDD implementation skills

The Test-Driven Development (TDD) Test is a pre-hiring evaluation tool to evaluate candidates' proficiency in the TDD methodology. This assessment evaluates their ability to implement test-driven development practices in software development effectively. This TDD Test helps identify the right talent with the necessary skills for performance-focused software development by assessing their understanding of unit testing techniques, TDD concepts, and agile methodologies.  

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Inside this Test-driven Development Test

The Test-Driven Development (TDD) Test helps evaluate candidates' understanding and application of test-driven development principles and their expertise in implementing TDD frameworks, techniques, and tools. This test is aimed at assisting recruiters and hiring managers in the talent selection process, enabling them to identify the best-fit candidate objectively and efficiently.

Focusing on TDD competencies, this comprehensive test ensures a meticulous evaluation of candidates across multiple areas, resulting in a structured and in-depth assessment process. The TDD Test includes questions that examine key competencies such as unit testing, including topics like test doubles and mocking, test design, unit testing techniques, test execution, and test fixtures.

In addition to unit testing, the test includes TDD concepts, refactoring, frameworks, tools, principles, and the test-driven design and development cycle. Furthermore, the assessment aims to determine candidates' familiarity with agile methodologies, including agile project management tools, agile principles, the Kanban framework, agile testing, and the popular agile framework known as Scrum. 

This multi-faceted test helps evaluators ensure that qualified candidates comprehensively understand unit testing, TDD principles, and agile methodologies. Ensuring that these skilled individuals can apply unit testing concepts in real-world scenarios, effectively implement TDD practices to facilitate development, and efficiently work in iterative and collaborative development environments.

The test helps screen candidates for the following profiles: 

  • Software test engineer 
  • TDD tester 
  • TDD - Technical lead 
  • Senior software test engineer (SDET) 


Test-driven development (TDD) is a methodology for software development that prioritizes the creation of tests prior to writing the actual code, encouraging a test-first approach. Its popularity among companies has increased steadily each year due to its several benefits. Firstly, TDD contributes to achieving higher code quality and minimizes the likelihood of bugs and defects in the software. Furthermore, through writing tests first, developers gain a thorough grasp of the expected code behavior, creating more robust and dependable software. Consequently, this results in a decrease in maintenance expenses and augments customer satisfaction.

Secondly, TDD facilitates speedier software production cycles and enhances efficiency. By adopting a test-first approach, developers can pinpoint potential issues in the initial stages of development, enabling faster iterations and more prompt feedback loops. In today's competitive and fast-paced business landscape, this iterative approach fosters agility and flexibility, empowering businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

That said, recruiting skilled software test engineers with TDD expertise proves to be a challenging endeavor. TDD calls for a specialized skill set and mindset that differentiates it from traditional testing methodologies. Test engineers should have a strong command of test writing, proficiency in comprehending requirements, and collaborative skills with developers. They must be analytical, problem solvers, and able to implement critical thinking regarding software design. Moreover, they should be proficient in techniques to follow coding principles and writing tests.

Organizations can utilize the Test-Driven Development (TDD) Test to assess and identify the best talent while hiring. This pre-hire test screens candidates based on their TDD knowledge and skills and determines their ability to implement TDD principles in practical contexts. By administering these assessments, employers can filter out incompatible candidates in the initial hiring stage and select those with adequate TDD expertise.

The TDD Test provides data-driven insights into a candidate's problem-solving approach, meticulousness, and subject matter proficiency. Identifying candidates with skills to adopt and implement TDD methodologies effectively becomes feasible using these tests. 


This Test-Driven Development Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Test-Driven Development (TDD) Test Competency Framework

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TDD Skills Test Competencies Under Scanner

TDD Skills Test


Unit testing:

Questions in this section extend across topics such as test doubles and mocking, test design, unit testing techniques, test execution, and test fixtures.

TDD concepts:

Questions in this section span the following topics: Refactoring, framework, tools, principles, Test-Driven Development cycle, and Test-Driven design.

Agile methodology:

This section covers the following topics: Agile project management tools, Agile principles, Agile framework - Kanban, Agile testing, and Agile - Scrum.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mercer | Mettl’s TDD Test is an MCQ test designed to assess a candidate's skills and proficiency in Test-Driven Development methodology. This test is often used during the recruiting process to ascertain candidates' suitability for software development roles requiring TDD expertise. 

Below is a comprehensive list of the topics covered in the test. 

Unit testing

  • Test doubles and mocking 
  • Test design  
  • Unit testing techniques 
  • Test execution 
  • Test fixtures 

TDD concepts

  • TDD - Refactoring 
  • TDD - Framework 
  • TDD - Tools 
  • TDD - Principles 
  • TDD - Test-Driven Development cycle 
  • TDD - Test-Driven design 

Agile methodology

  • Agile project management tools 
  • Agile principles 
  • Agile framework - Kanban 
  • Agile testing 
  • Agile - Scrum 

Assessing TDD skills is crucial due to its extensive implementation and effectiveness in software development. TDD prioritizes writing tests first, resulting in the development of maintainable, robust, and bug-free code. By administering Mercer | Mettl’s Test-Driven Development Test, talent acquisition experts can ensure their developers are proficient in this approach and comply with industry-standard practices. These tests help employers hire developers skilled in delivering high-quality software and capable of facilitating efficient and collaborative development processes. 

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