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Xamarin Developer Test for screening the best developers effectively and efficiently

The Xamarin Developer Test assesses a candidate's knowledge of Xamarin, a tool for cross-platform mobile application development. The test enables employers and recruiters to find the best talent by evaluating on-the-job skills and gathering data on candidates' performance during the screening process. 

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Inside this Xamarin Developer Test

The Xamarin Developer Test is designed to help tech recruiting managers screen and hire the most competent Xamarin developers who can use the Xamarin framework to design, develop, and test mobile apps (for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile operating systems) that are created in C#. It includes multiple choice questions on Xamarin and one hands-on programming problem that evaluates proficiency at coding in C#.

This Xamarin Online Test is the ideal pre-employment testing tool for conducting assessments at scale, enabling hiring managers to whittle down the applicant pool to the best candidates efficiently.

The test is an objective way of gaining insights into a candidate's capabilities during the hiring process. It is a reliable means of gathering data on test-takers to help employers select individuals who stand out in a competitive talent pool and have the requisite skill, knowledge, and experience to succeed. 

The test helps to screen candidates for the following roles: 

  • Xamarin developer 
  • Xamarin app developer 
  • Xamarin android developer 
  • Dotnet developer (Xamarin)


The demand for mobile app development is continuously increasing. This presents a significant challenge as organizations need to expedite their software development process to accommodate the rising need. That is where software development platforms come in handy in building applications faster and error-free. Xamarin is one such tool that has made cross-platform mobile application development incredibly easy. 

A surprisingly large number of organizations are on the lookout for skilled Xamarin developers due to the convenience Xamarin offers for enterprise application development. It can enable every business to focus on multiple mobile platforms and obtain a larger audience. Many companies across various domains, such as transport, healthcare, energy, etc., rely on this framework to create feature-rich cross-platform-yet native-mobile apps for achieving productivity and profitability. Given the framework's usability, it's only natural that companies would desire the best talent who is well-versed in Xamarin.

Hiring a developer is a highly critical process that requires extensive domain knowledge about development using Xamarin. However, if a non-technical manager seeks to conduct this hands-on process, then an online pre-hire assessment will come in handy. Such tests are designed to help recruiters vet candidates effectively to determine if those applicants are qualified to continue through the hiring process based on an in-depth evaluation of skills, knowledge, and potential. 

One of these pre-hiring assessment tools is the Xamarin Test. Designed and validated by industry experts, the Xamarin Developer Test plays a significant part in assessing candidates' development and programming skills before an interview. With a well-thought-out set of technical questions to understand candidates' technical competencies, this test will help recruiters to screen candidates to hire the best of the lot based on their skills-related strengths and test performance. 


This Xamarin Developer Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Xamarin Developer Test Competency Framework

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Xamarin Test Competencies Under Scanner

Xamarin Test



Questions in the Xamarin Online Test extend across the following topics: Forms and advance forms, XAML-accessing elements in code-behind, XAML: compilation/cheat sheet, data binding, and implicit and explicit styles, maps and location, rest API-consuming API, LinQ, authentication with firebase, Cloud Firestore database, mobile app DevOps using CI/CD, and cross-platform user interfaces.

Hands-on programming

This section includes a programming challenge to assess a candidate's coding skills in C#.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Mercer | Mettl Xamarin Test is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.  

We have previously customized the Xamarin Test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution. 

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