Behavioral Competency

Behavioral competency refers to any personality characteristics and behavior attributes individuals may have that can help determine their quantum of success at roles for which they aspire. Behavioral competency is used to define employees’ behavioral merits that ensure their success in future endeavors. Behavioral competencies include skills, attitudes, actions and qualities that distinguish top performers. They vary across job roles and levels. For example, a managerial position will require conflict management, while an individual contributor role will require time management.

Any behavioral characteristic, such as skills set, knowledge, technical know-how, leadership skills, etc., contributing to an individual’s development in an organization to assuming a more significant role is known as behavioral competency. Behavioral competencies are critically evident and observable elements of a job. One can gauge each core behavioral competency using a unique combination of behavioral tests, the outcomes of which can enable highly efficient workforce planning.

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Behavioral assessments measure behavioral competencies in a simulated work environment. Behavioral assessments require participants to demonstrate behavioral competencies in exercises that mirror workplace situations. Behavioral assessments can be used for making critical decisions, such as hiring a culturally fit candidate, developing the right employees, and creating a leadership pipeline. Behavioral assessment tools can be administered online or offline.

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Behavioral Tests To Measure Workplace Competencies

Gain Insights Into Work Behaviors Using Our Behavioral Evaluation Tools

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