Coding/Programming Skills

Coding skills, also known as programming skills, refer to the art of using various programming languages to write commands, instructing a computer, application, or software program about the actions it must perform and how. Coding skills make it possible to create various computer software, games, apps, websites and much more.

Coding skills, also known as programming skills, are the knowledge and understanding of languages, frameworks, and architecture that enables a coder to create any digital product. In a digitally-connected world, coding skills influence nearly all aspects of human life. Hence, possessing programming skills is crucial for success in any domain. Programmers write codes to create innovative digital products using their exceptional coding/programming skills combined with analytical and creative thinking skills.

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Coding assessments and simulators when put together, filter and screen fresh campus talent, or lateral hiring candidates at scale to help understand the core competency of a candidate and help hire the best potential talent to take on a variety of technical tasks in the future.

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