English Aptitude Test

English aptitude tests refer to assessments that help assesses a candidate’s English language proficiency based on its comprehension (the ability to analyze and comprehend written and verbal information), vocabulary (the ability to use suitable word/words to express his/her ideas/thoughts accurately) and grammar (the ability to construct proper sentences without making grammatical mistakes).

English aptitude test, also known as grammar aptitude test or vocabulary aptitude test, is conducted by organizations focused on hiring a candidate with strong English communication skills. Hence, an English aptitude test analyses prospective employees’ grasp of English language and grammar, tone and intonation, English writing etiquette and clarity of speech and thought, etc.

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Communication assessments are effective in determining an individual's communication skills with respect to speaking, listening, reading and writing. Communication assessments are leveraged either for customer-facing roles or for organizations that require excellent workplace communication skills.

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AI-Powered English Proficiency Assessment Tool

Intelligent Technology That Evaluates Candidates On Nuances Of Speech

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