Gamified Assessment Center

A gamified assessment center uses gaming elements to enhance the appeal of typical assessment center exercises. The added dynamics include progressing the activities through levels, earning rewards, collecting points, etc. These game elements are useful for testing risk-averseness, memory, problem-solving skills, ability to act wisely under pressure, presence of mind, among other essential skills and competencies.

A gamified assessment center is a type of assessment center with an added game element. It takes typical assessment center activities and modifies them to mimic digital games. So, there can be psychometric assessments where test-takers progress through game-like levels and earn points. Similarly, there can be simulations mimicking real-work scenarios to test memory, observe reactions and assess other personality traits relevant to a specific professional role.

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Assessment & Development Centers (ACDCs) are a group of exercises and tests designed to assess an individual for hiring or development purposes. Traditionally, assessment and development centers were done in a physical setting by calling all participants at one place for various individual and group activities. With the advent of technology, virtual and blended assessment and development centers have replaced traditional ones by simulating workplace scenarios in the digital medium. Assessment and development centers can consist of a combination or subset of personality assessments, situational judgement tests, case study simulations, caselets, presentations, aptitude tests, interviews, role plays, group discussions, inbox exercises, etc.

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Mercer | Mettl's VADC: The Future of ACDCs

Automate Your L&D Programs With Virtual And Blended Assessment Center Development Centers

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