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Assess Aptitude and Domain Knowledge of Electrical Engineers!

Why is Engineering Aptitude Test important?

Electrical Engineers are responsible for activities ranging from research, design to installation and handover of new electrical systems. They are required to focus on safety, sustainability and value for money. They deal with all kinds of electronic devices, from the small pocket devices to large supercomputers.
In order to operate effectively in the complex industrial environment, such work requires one to be good at analysing data, numerical calculations, providing systematic solutions to a given problem, and communicating with stakeholders effectively in the English language.

Mettl Aptitude and Technical Test for Electrical Engineers is a comprehensive functional and aptitude test specially designed to assess skills of a candidate to perform duties as per the highest industry standards. This test assesses the skills of a candidate across various topics such as power, circuit theory, control systems, telecommunications and signal processing.

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Use This Test For:

This Aptitude Test for Engineering brings its effective use case in hiring candidates having 0-1 year of work experience across industries associated with sectors like automotive, IT, telecoms, manufacturing, power transport, utilities, and construction projects, etc. Recruiting managers can use this test as a screening and selection tool for hiring candidates from tier I and tier II colleges for campus hiring.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Graduates/Undergraduate Electrical Engineer trainees
  • Junior Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Design Engineers


Test Details:

Number of sections


Number of questions


Test duration

60 minutes

Test language


NOTE: If required, the test can be offered in other languages as well. Please connect with us at for any such requirement.


Competency Details:

Technical Knowledge

Demonstrating the ability to design electrical systems, research, evaluate and/or maintain electrical systems/equipment.

Abstract Reasoning

Demonstrating the ability to analyse information, detect patterns and relationships, and solve complex and intangible problems and to perform well in a new/novel situation.

Analytical Ability and Problem Solving

Demonstrating the ability to analyse the given information from different perspectives by breaking it down into simple components and by structuring the information in a logical order to arrive at a solution.

Numeric Reasoning

Demonstrating the ability to work with information in number based format to make important business decisions and analysing its impact on how good a decision is commercially.

Verbal Ability

Demonstrating the ability to understand, comprehend and convey messages to be delivered effectively in a precise manner with clarity by formulating grammatically correct sentences.

Answer to common queries:

What are the skills required for being an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical engineers work primarily on the design and development of electrical systems and equipment. They apply the principles of physics related to electricity, electromagnetism and electronics for processing information, transmitting energy, solving problems and testing equipment. Along with possessing good knowledge on these topics, the engineers also need to be good at cognitive competencies such as Reasoning, Numeric Reasoning and Verbal Ability.


What type of questions are asked in an Electrical Engineering Online Test?

This test assesses the skills of a candidate across various topics such as power, circuit theory, control systems, telecommunications and signal processing along with assessing Cognitive competencies such as  Reasoning, Numeric Reasoning and Verbal Ability.

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