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ArcGIS Pro Test for gauging candidates' ArcGIS Pro proficiency

ArcGIS Pro Test is an objective, standardized assessment of candidates' technical proficiency in various ArcGIS Pro skills. The test comprehensively evaluates competencies in 3D mapping, data analysis, big data analytics, raster data utilization, multivariate mapping, ArcGIS Utility Network, map text implementation, lidar data utilization, geostatistics, precise data management, and R and Python scripting proficiency. 

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Inside this Online ArcGIS Pro Assessment

The ArcGIS Pro Test helps screen applicants with a strong technical foundation and thorough understanding of ArcGIS Pro- a feature-rich desktop application in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This technical MCQ-based test covers various ArcGIS Pro skills pivotal for success in GIS-related roles. The assessment delves into essential topics such as 3D modeling, analysis, mapping, and visualization within ArcGIS Pro. 

Moreover, it also probes into candidates' knowledge of advanced topics such as distributed analytics for big data, raster data and imagery utilization, multivariate maps creation, ArcGIS utility network, lidar data manipulation, geostatistics, etc.

Understanding R and Python languages has become crucial for GIS professionals, considering the increasing importance of scripting in GIS. This in-depth technical assessment enables hiring managers and recruiters to rationally identify candidates with profound ArcGIS Pro expertise needed in GIS roles, ensuring that employers can make data-driven decisions that match their specific hiring needs and objectives.

The test assists in vetting candidates for the following roles: 

  • ArcGIS developer 
  • 3D ArcGIS developer 
  • ArcGIS application developer 
  • Engineer - ArcGIS 


The consistent upswing in demand for ArcGIS Pro developers reflects the increasing use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology in diverse sectors. This increased demand can be ascribed to GIS's essential function in data analysis, mapping, and spatial visualization. GIS is extensively utilized across various sectors, including urban planning, public health, environmental management, logistics, etc., for automating workflows, facilitating data-driven decision-making, and securing a competitive advantage. Hence, there is a pressing demand for developers skilled in ArcGIS Pro. 

However, hiring applicants with ArcGIS Pro proficiency can be taxing. The intricacies of GIS technology, paired with the imperative need for applicants to possess an in-depth understanding of spatial analysis, geospatial data, R, Python, etc., enhances the complexity of the selection process. The ArcGIS Pro Test functions as an indispensable tool in this regard, enabling recruiters to prescreen candidates and identify the most suitable talent with the necessary technical prowess and GIS acumen. 

Through a holistic evaluation of candidates' essential ArcGIS Pro skills, recruiters can save considerable time and resources while maintaining the efficacy and integrity of the selection process. This pre-employment skills assessment is meticulously crafted to measure candidates' performance accurately, offering unrivaled reliability and validity.  


This ArcGIS Pro Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

ArcGIS Pro Test Competency Framework

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ArcGIS Online Test Competencies Under Scanner

ArcGIS Pro

In this section, the following subskills are covered: 3D in ArcGIS Pro, analysis and modeling in ArcGIS Pro, mapping and visualization in ArcGIS Pro, distributed analytics for big data, using raster data and imagery, multivariate maps in ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Utility Network, Maptext in ArcGIS Pro, using lidar data in ArcGIS Pro, geostatistics in ArcGIS Pro, data management and editing in ArcGIS Pro, and R and Python in ArcGIS Pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The ArcGIS Pro Test is a standardized MCQ assessment to evaluate candidates' proficiency in a broad spectrum of ArcGIS Pro skills. The test benefits your hiring process by rigorously assessing candidates' technical abilities, ensuring that you identify individuals with the specific skills required for GIS-related roles. This streamlines the hiring process, helping enhance the quality of your hires. 

Yes, Mercer | Mettl offers many customization options to align the ArcGIS Pro Test with your organization's unique requirements. We can collaborate with you to adjust the test content or add specific questions to ensure it aligns perfectly with the competencies crucial for your GIS projects. 

Yes, the ArcGIS Pro Test can serve a dual objective. It is highly effective for pre-hire assessments to identify top talent and can also be used for employee skills evaluations to gauge the proficiency of your existing GIS workforce and pinpoint opportunities for professional development. 

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