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Blockchain is known the world over as a novel technology that is steadily gaining ground both in academic and industrial contexts. The increasing use of blockchain has paved the way for the fourth generation of blockchain platforms. Ongoing research suggests that the blockchain isn’t just limited to cryptocurrency and asset management but has broader implementations. Blockchain is more than just a buzzword nowadays and is on top of every tech company’s agenda. Yet many organizations grapple with the problem of finding accomplished professionals who are well-versed in this technology.  At Mercer| Mettl, we have developed a specialized online blockchain assessment available in an interactive quiz format that can help participants assess what they already know about blockchain.

What is a blockchain developer?
Blockchain, a revolutionary technology, has created new avenues in the field of development known as blockchain development. This advancement paved the way for numerous job opportunities for tech enthusiasts and developers. A blockchain developer develops and optimizes blockchain protocols, acts as the building block of blockchain systems, builds smart web apps and contracts using the blockchain process. Primarily, any developer engaged in the advancement of blockchain technology can be called a blockchain developer. 

There are mainly two types of blockchain developer: 

  1. Core blockchain developer
  2. Blockchain software developer

A core blockchain developer is primarily required to develop the system architecture for blockchain, design its protocols, design consensus protocol, and make critical decisions related to the development of blockchain technology. On the contrary, blockchain software developers utilize the protocols and architecture designed by core blockchain developers to create decentralized apps that run on blockchain technology.

Responsibilities of a core blockchain developer:
As mentioned earlier, a core blockchain developer takes care of the design, structure, and security of the blockchain system. Listed below are responsibilities taken at work by the developer:

  • Designing consensus protocols and network security patterns
  • Designing blockchain protocols
  • Designing the network framework
  • Overseeing the entire network

Responsibilities of a blockchain software developer: Much like the way web developers utilize protocols, and design structure to create web apps, blockchain software developers create decentralized apps using blockchain technology. Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Creating front-end designs for Dapps
  • Developing smart contracts
  • Ensuring uninterrupted backend development related to blockchain

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About Online Blockchain Assessment Test
Blockchain developer test is useful in assessing a candidate’s prowess in designing and developing blockchain technologies. Since the test is developed and validated by seasoned industry professionals, finding the best hires in compliance with industry standards becomes easy. Using blockchain developer assessment could weed out hiring hassles that recruiters would face when they hire blockchain developers.

Why should you use Mercer| Mettl’s Quiz for Blockchain Developer?
Mettl's blockchain quiz caters to an audience, who either has attended blockchain courses or has acquired this technological knowledge through various other sources. One can take the blockchain developer test to know his/her understanding of the subject. Participants can also use this quiz to gauge their practical knowledge and ascertain whether or not they possess ample employability skills and attributes required to get a job in this field. Mettl's test platform is easily accessible for candidates to participate in an online quiz. Well, what are you waiting for? Take this quiz to gauge your knowledge of the blockchain.

This online blockchain assessment will be helpful in:

  • testing basics of blockchain
  • evaluating your knowledge in blockchain
Number of MCQ Questions 30
Test Duration 30 Minutes
Difficulty level Easy

Answer to common queries:

Q. Can candidates be benchmarked based on the internal sample set?
A. Yes, at Mettl, it can be done. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. Is it possible to customize the report as per the need?
A. Yes, we can do it. We have already done it in the past for our clients. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to find the best solution for you.

Q. What is the Blockchain Developer quiz?
A. This online quiz is intended to assess your knowledge of the subject matter and gives you an accurate measure of your tech skills. You can also prepare for further blockchain challenges by taking this quiz. Here, participants (both freshers and experienced) can assess their level of knowledge by solving 30 handpicked questions and improve their performance.

Q. Who can take up this blockchain quiz?
A. This online quiz can be taken up by anyone who wants to build a career in the field of blockchain technology.
Q. What are the requirements to take this Blockchain quiz?
A. Curiosity speaks for itself; there are no prerequisites for taking this quiz. If you share a penchant for blockchain technology, you can take this online blockchain assessment.

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