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Cashier Assessment to hire for cashier roles

The Cashier Aptitude Test is a pre-employment screening assessment to identify candidates with the skills, aptitude, and fundamental knowledge required to perform a cashier role effectively. This aptitude test measures on-the-job skills essential for cashiers, helping recruiters gauge the capabilities of candidates efficiently.

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About Mercer | Mettl Cashier Assessment

The Cashier Aptitude Test is an aptitude test that helps talent acquisition experts evaluate applicants' cognitive abilities. The test includes aptitude questions to assess candidates' cognitive ability by primarily focusing on the core skills essential for cashier responsibilities.

What is a Cashier Test?

A Cashier Assessment helps employers determine candidates' suitability in abstract reasoning, analytical ability, numerical ability, and accuracy-based questions. The Aptitude Test for Cashiers includes questions to determine the fitment of the test taker to the cashier role.

What is inside this Cashier Assessment?

This test consists of sixty questions to be completed in forty minutes. It is an aptitude-type test with an easy difficulty level for candidates with zero to three years of experience.

What competencies does this Cashier Assessment cover?

  • Analytical ability   

This section includes the following subskills: Coding decoding, directions, blood relations, linear arrangement, ranking arrangement, series-number, and series-letter.   

  • Problem-solving   

The test section evaluates problem-solving skills with abstract reasoning questions.   

  • Numerical ability   

This section measures subskills, including calculation, discount, percentage, simple interest (SI), ratio and proportion, and compound interest (CI).   

  • Attention to detail   

This section evaluates attention to detail through image-based and string-based questions.

What skills requirements are needed in a cashier?

Excellent communication skills are crucial for cashiers. They are responsible for liaising with customers from different backgrounds; they should be articulate and coherent and engage with various customers effectively in a friendly and professional manner. They should be able to learn quickly, be customer-oriented, and respond rapidly and effectively to changing work conditions. They should put the customer at the forefront of their operation with their unmatched support and treat them with utmost respect. Strong interpersonal communication and mathematical skills are essential for candidates interested in this position.

What are the responsibilities of a Cashier?

From dealing with volumes of transactions and delivering a good customer experience to overseeing the crucial functions of a store, the cashier is an integral component of a wider team at retail-based establishments that perform daily monetary transactions, including selling products or services. Various organizations, such as educational institutions, banks, etc., deal with cash transactions and convey the need for skilled cashiers. The day-to-day responsibilities include examining daily cash accounts, overlooking the management of cash transactions in an organization, performing crucial everyday tasks such as scanning barcodes, maintaining registers and other tools for the business and maintaining transaction reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What roles can you assess using the Cashier Test?

  • Cashier: They are responsible for processing cash, credit, debit, and check transactions using a cash register or other point-of-sale system. They interact with customers, balance the cash register, determine change, process returns, record purchases, and scan items for sale.   
  • Bank teller: They manage various financial transactions such as withdrawals, transfers, and deposits. They also play a role in promoting new products that could benefit customers. Bank tellers are accountable for the cash in their drawers and must remain vigilant to ensure security and detect any signs of fraud. Additionally, they often have the responsibility of verifying customer identities.

Why should one use the Cashier Skills Test to identify suitable candidates?   

Hiring managers ensure potential candidates have the necessary skills to meet the job requirements. They should also confirm that applicants can effectively interact with customers for extended periods while maintaining a positive attitude. To evaluate the suitability of job applicants, recruiters should administer the Online Cashier Test. Also, monitoring the employee turnover rate is essential as higher turnover negatively impacts business outcomes. Therefore, retaining skilled employees is of utmost importance. Assessing current cashiers allows employers to evaluate the required skills and identify individuals needing additional training. The Aptitude Test for Cashier assists employers in avoiding unnecessary training for already skilled staff by identifying genuine training needs, improving employee retention, and enhancing organizational performance. It enables companies to assess the skills and aptitude of current employees and determine their suitability for the role.

Practice questions with answers

  1. What is cash handling?   

Cash handling is giving and receiving money (in cash format) in a business.   

  1. Which register key must be pressed if a customer gives a coupon after the cashier totals the sale?   

After totalling the sale, press the ‘sub-total’ register key if a customer gives a coupon. This key is used to calculate the subtotal of the sale before any discounts or coupons are applied. By pressing this key, the register will display the subtotal amount, allowing the coupon to be used to calculate the final total for the customer's purchase.    

  1. Name some important aspects of a cashier job.   

Cashiers are the face of a company. Some critical aspects include offering quality, above-average customer service, and ensuring customer satisfaction.   

  1. Describe one of the ways to provide excellent customer service in this role.   

In this role, one can provide excellent customer service with friendly customer interactions, answer questions about products or policies, handle customer compliments professionally and make a good impression of the business.   

  1. What steps must be taken to prevent and detect cash register discrepancies or errors?   

The cashier must follow a systematic approach to prevent and detect errors. It includes ensuring that the cash register is accurately balanced and verified by carefully counting and entering cash. One can investigate any discrepancies and take steps to resolve them, such as reviewing transaction records or seeking assistance from a supervisor. Remaining vigilant during transactions and double-checking the amount entered is the best way to prevent errors.   

  1. How can confidential and sensitive customer information, such as credit card details, be handled?   

Sensitive information must be handled with care and professionalism by following established security protocols and best practices when handling credit card details or other sensitive information.   

  1. How do you deal with customers who are upset or demanding?   

A cashier deals with various demanding customers. They must listen carefully and ask the right questions to understand if the customer is upset, acknowledge their distress, apologize if needed and resolve the issue by addressing the customer's grievance.   

  1. What are the critical skills required to be a successful cashier?   

Some critical skills include having a pleasant personality, being good at simple mathematics, having basic knowledge of operating PCs and other electronic equipment like POS and cash register, being good at problem-solving, having integrity, and being physically fit and energetic.   

  1. How to handle a busy work environment or long lines at the register?   

When faced with long lines or a busy work environment, the cashier must stay organized and efficient by prioritizing tasks, maintaining a positive attitude, and working diligently to ensure each customer receives prompt service.    

  1. What should one do if one notices a coworker making an incorrect change to a customer?   

Such situations must be addressed with tact and professionalism. The cashier can discreetly and respectfully inform my coworkers of the mistake, allowing them to correct it. And, in case the issue persists or remains unaddressed, it is advisable to notify the supervisor to ensure the problem is resolved and the customer receives the correct change.


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Cashier Aptitude Test


Analytical ability

This section includes the following subskills: Coding decoding, directions, blood relations, linear arrangement, ranking arrangement, series-number, and series-letter.


The test section evaluates problem-solving skills with abstract reasoning questions.

Numerical ability

This section measures subskills, including calculation, discount, percentage, simple interest (SI), ratio and proportion, and compound interest (CI).

Attention to detail

This section evaluates attention to detail through image-based and string-based questions.

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