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COBOL Online Test: Assess your next COBOL programmer's skills with ease

The Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) Online Test has been designed to assess a candidate's proficiency in a range of COBOL skills, such as basic syntax, data type and basic verbs, loop and conditional statement, string, tables, subroutines, database interface, and file handling and verbs. This test lets you quickly evaluate a candidate's skills and find your next COBOL programmer. 

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When hiring COBOL programmers, assessing their skills and understanding regarding the continuously evolving COBOL, which forms an integral part of mainframe implementations worldwide, is crucial. To screen and hire candidates with expertise in COBOL, an Online COBOL Test will come in handy. The test covers a range of COBOL competencies, including basic syntax, data type and basic verbs, loop and conditional statements, string manipulation, file handling and verbs, tables, subroutines, and database interface. These are all the fundamental topics covered in the COBOL Test, and a candidate who is well-versed in them will be an excellent fit for a COBOL development role.

The test is designed to evaluate a candidate's knowledge of these topics and ability to work proficiently with COBOL and develop applications based on it in compliance with industry standards and best practices. By administering a COBOL Test as part of the recruitment process, talent acquisition experts can identify suitable candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a development role requiring expertise in COBOL. Thus, it helps ensure that recruiting managers hire the best possible applicant for the job.

The test helps to screen applicants for the following profiles: 

  • Cobol developer 
  • Cobol programmer 


COBOL has been widely used and relied upon for over six decades in the business world. It served as the basis for developing many legacy systems and applications that are still prevalent today in the insurance, financial and government sectors. As a result, developers with expertise in COBOL who can manage and update these systems and design and build new COBOL-based applications have always been in demand.

Despite its vast popularity and lucrative avenues for COBOL developers, finding skilled COBOL experts can be challenging. Many experienced COBOL programmers are reaching retirement age, and there is a limited influx of new entrants to the field. Moreover, young professionals may be disinclined to pursue COBOL as a career path due to the common perception that it is outdated. Consequently, companies make strenuous efforts to find qualified candidates with adequate skills and experience, yet often fail to obtain desirable results.

To tackle this issue, organizations can utilize a COBOL Online Test to screen and evaluate prospective hires. This test comprises conceptual and technical questions to assess an individual's knowledge of crucial COBOL skills, such as syntax, data types, loops and conditional statements, file handling, and subroutines. The test is an excellent way to determine a test-taker's ability to apply their COBOL knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios, helping to select the right candidate with the required practical experience and expertise.

A COBOL Online Test is instrumental in streamlining the recruitment process as it helps in the fair and consistent evaluation of candidates and helps identify the most qualified candidate for the role in consideration. Not only does it save considerable time and resources, but it helps companies ensure that they are recruiting the best COBOL talent who can efficiently maintain and modernize legacy systems and develop excellent applications that meet business requirements. 


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This test evaluates the candidate's technical knowledge in the following subskills: Basic syntax, data types and basic verbs, loop and conditional statement, string, file handling and verbs, table, subroutines, and database interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Indeed. Enabling proctoring in the test setting helps ensure that the assessment is taken under completely proctored conditions, eliminating the risk of cheating and, thus, safeguarding online assessment integrity.

COBOL developers are primarily responsible for writing and maintaining programs that suit their organization's specific needs. This involves addressing business requirements, designing solutions, writing codes, and testing the programs. These developers are well-versed in various software development tools and processes and have collaborative skills to work cordially with other IT professionals to ensure the delivery of high-quality software solutions. 

A COBOL Test is an evaluation given to job candidates seeking jobs that demand expertise in COBOL programming. The test includes multiple-choice questions to gauge a candidate's COBOL knowledge and proficiency. The test aims to identify job-fit candidates with adequate knowledge and experience of the subject matter. The assessment results are used by employers to make well-informed hiring decisions and to select the best talent for the position.

Indeed. Enabling proctoring in the test setting helps ensure that the assessment is taken under completely proctored conditions, eliminating the risk of cheating and, thus, safeguarding online assessment integrity.

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