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Cumulocity Test to assess IoT development & customization skills for Cumulocity

The Cumulocity Test evaluates candidates' proficiency in various aspects of the Cumulocity Internet of Things (IoT) platform, from command-line tools and front-end development to customization and micro front-end creation. It helps to identify candidates who can effectively work with the platform's tools, libraries, and customization options to develop robust and efficient IoT applications on Cumulocity. 

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Inside this Cumulocity Test

The Cumulocity Test assesses candidates' skills in utilizing the Cumulocity IoT platform effectively. By focusing on the platform's key competencies, the test evaluates the applicant's skills in the following areas:

C8Y Command Line tool (CLI): To assess candidates' command line proficiency, navigate and utilize Cumulocity's diverse features.

Angular Command Line tool (CLI): For evaluating candidates' expertise in building responsive applications using Angular within the Cumulocity front-end framework.

Application options: For gauging candidates' ability to configure and deploy applications, demonstrating adaptability and customization skills.

Branding and language customization: For assessing candidates' aptitude in customizing Cumulocity applications through branding and language elements.

Component library (NGX), client library, application library: For evaluating candidates' use of Cumulocity's libraries to enhance application development and interactivity.

Micro front-ends - Custom widget plugin and custom package blueprint: For assessing candidates' capabilities in creating and utilizing custom widget plugins and package blueprints using Cumulocity's micro front-end architecture.

The Cumulocity Test focuses on these critical aspects. It enables talent acquisition specialists to make informed decisions, ensuring prospective hires possess the skills required to succeed in IoT endeavors within the Cumulocity ecosystem.

This test is primarily intended for assessing the following roles: 

  • IoT - Cumulocity native developer 
  • Cumulocity IoT developer 
  • Cumulocity IoT technical developer


With organizations' pervasive acceptance of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies worldwide, the demand for individuals skilled in IoT development, front-end development, and customization within the Cumulocity ecosystem has increased tremendously. As businesses rely more on IoT technologies to enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and gain valuable insights, the need for top talent to design, build, and customize IoT applications is apparent. Such roles are highly desired across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and smart city projects, where incorporating IoT solutions can yield transformative outcomes.

Finding candidates proficient in the Cumulocity IoT platform can be slightly arduous due to the platform's intricacies and the need for potential candidates with a unique blend of technical competencies. Recruiters often grapple with finding prospective hires with a hands-on experience with Cumulocity, a specialized platform with exclusive command-line tools, libraries, and customization features. Moreover, as IoT technologies progress rapidly, it is paramount that an ideal talent possesses an up-to-date knowledge of Cumulocity's features and best practices.

That is why the Cumulocity Test is a helpful pre-screening tool for organizations seeking the best talent. With questions based on key competencies relevant to the Cumulocity IoT platform, the test allows recruiters to identify the right person with the required skill set. This ensures that only qualified candidates proceed to the subsequent stages while filtering out unsuitable applicants early in the process, thus saving considerable time and effort when hiring.

Additionally, the test provides an objective measure of an assessment-taker's suitability and expertise for a role related to Cumulocity, giving employers increased confidence in their abilities to manage IoT projects and achieve desirable outcomes. The Cumulocity IoT Test simplifies hiring and empowers organizations to secure exceptional talent, bolstering their capabilities in the dynamically evolving realm of IoT development and customization. 


This Cumulocity Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Cumulocity Test Competency Framework

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Cumulocity IoT Test Competencies Under Scanner

Cumulocity IoT:

This section encompasses the following technical skills: C8Y Command Line tool (CLI), Angular Command Line tool (CLI), application options, branding and language customization, component library (NGX), client library, application library, micro front-ends - custom widget plugin, and micro front-ends - custom package blueprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Cumulocity Test is a pre-hiring tool to assess candidates' knowledge and understanding of the Cumulocity IoT platform through multiple-choice questions. It helps recruiters and hiring managers screen and identify candidates with the necessary expertise for IoT-related roles in organizations. 

We have previously customized test reports to fulfill clients' specific preferences. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements, and we will gladly offer our assistance. 

The Mercer | Mettl test platform provides effective proctoring and cheating prevention mechanisms that can be seamlessly integrated into this test. With the proctoring feature enabled, the assessment is conducted under vigilant supervision, ensuring a secure and fair evaluation environment while mitigating the risk of cheating and maintaining the credibility of online assessments.

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