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F Sharp Test: Evaluating language fundamentals, .NET framework & OOP knowledge

The F Sharp Test is designed to assess candidates' knowledge and technical abilities in the F# programming language. This detailed evaluation covers the skills necessary for evaluating candidates' F# proficiency, such as F# language fundamentals, .NET Framework concepts, and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) knowledge. 

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Inside this F Sharp Assessment

The F Sharp Test is a pre-employment screening test to assist recruiters and hiring managers in gauging candidates' proficiency in the F# programming language. This technical test includes multiple essential competencies for working effectively and efficiently with F# code. The test is a comprehensive evaluation encompassing crucial F# skills applicants must master to excel in F# development roles.

The test is designed with crucial F# language competencies in mind. To begin with, candidates will encounter questions in F# language fundamentals that assess their knowledge of essential concepts such as keywords, data types, arrays, operators, variables, functions, tuples, etc. This diverse array of topics serves as a stepping stone to a well-rounded evaluation of the assessment taker's capabilities.

The F Sharp Test also delves into the core concepts of the .NET Framework, which is crucial for F# development. The questions in this context are the Common Language Runtime (CLR), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts, components, and the class library. By evaluating examinees' understanding and proficiency in these vital components, employers can determine suitable candidates to execute tasks within the F# ecosystem and use .NET to build robust and scalable applications.

Screen candidates for the following positions using this test: 

  • Software developer- F# 
  • Senior software engineer - F# 
  • F developer


The fast-paced and dynamically evolving tech industry has witnessed an increasing demand for tech professionals with expertise in F# programming. This surge in need can be ascribed to several factors, including F Sharp's ability to provide an exceptional blend of functional and object-oriented programming paradigms, making it applicable to diverse development tasks. As organizations aim to develop scalable and robust software solutions, they are acknowledging the significance of F# in fulfilling these endeavors. Therefore, roles requiring expertise in F#, such as software developers, back-end engineers, and data scientists, are observing a sharp rise in demand, making F# immensely appealing skillset for tech professionals.

While the demand for F# experts is on an upward trajectory, recruiting candidates with demonstrated F# expertise can be challenging. F# offers a unique blend of functional and object-oriented programming, allowing for high levels of abstraction and code modularity. This unique combination requires candidates who are familiar with both paradigms. F# integrates effortlessly with the .NET Framework, making it an optimal choice for web development and complex applications. Yet, ideal developer candidates must be proficient in both F# and the intricacies of .NET. Undeniably, the search for identifying top talent with the perfect balance of functional and object-oriented thinking is only possible with a tool that can help recruiters navigate such hiring challenges.

This is where the Mercer | Mettl F Sharp Test can play a pivotal role in talent selection. Organizations can use this technical pre-employment test to streamline recruitment and identify top-tier tech talent with expertise in F#. This specialized assessment can help recruiters gauge candidates' proficiency in F# language fundamentals, functional programming concepts, and familiarity with the .NET Framework. They can easily incorporate the test into their screening process and efficiently identify candidates with the necessary expertise to excel in F# development roles. This is not only time and resource-efficient but also ensures that the selected candidates can contribute to the success of the organization's software projects. 


This F Sharp Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

F Sharp Test Competency Framework

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F Sharp Skills Test



Questions in this segment extend across these topics: Keywords, data types, arrays, operators, variables, functions, tuples, classes, pattern matching, structures, lists, inheritance, delegates, and generics.

.NET Framework

This section covers questions based on the following topics: CLR, components, OOPs concepts, class library, and core concepts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

F Sharp Test is a technical pre-hiring evaluation to determine candidates' knowledge and proficiency in the F# programming language and related concepts. Employers administer this test to ascertain the suitability of applicants for tech-related positions that mandate F# expertise. 

We have previously customized test reports to meet clients' unique preferences. If you have any specific requirements, kindly reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

The Mercer | Mettl test platform offers robust proctoring and cheating prevention tools that can be smoothly integrated into this test. By enabling the proctoring feature, the assessment is conducted under vigilant supervision, ensuring a secure and robust evaluation environment, effectively preventing cheating, and upholding the integrity of online assessments. 

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