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Flutter Developer Test to evaluate a candidate's knowledge of the Flutter framework

The Flutter Developer Test is a pre-employment test to evaluate candidates' fitment for app development roles by assessing their skills and knowledge in the Flutter framework, including core concepts and components. This test assists hiring managers in conducting a holistic evaluation to screen and recruit developers with technical competence and expertise in Flutter.

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About Mercer | Mettl Flutter Developer Test

The Flutter Developer Test is a technical skills assessment that allows potential candidates to choose the most qualified job applicants before interviews. The test aids recruiters and hiring managers in identifying their most suitable hire by narrowing the applicant pool and ensuring top candidates are shortlisted. These assessments ensure that recruiting managers achieve a good screening turnaround time and find better candidates by correlating candidates' assessment data with on-the-job performance.   

Employing the Flutter Online Test allows tech hiring managers to measure applicants' skills and understanding of the Flutter framework architecture and syntax and their proficiency in using Flutter features, widgets, packages and plugins, internationalization, accessibility, etc. This test effectively identifies, shortlists, and recruits Flutter developers who match the employers' requirements. Flutter tests are the most preferred pre-employment assessment of skills and abilities in using the framework, making them the most appropriate test for evaluating candidates for job roles in software development, app development, front-end development, etc.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source Google software development kit for creating cross-platform applications (mobile, web, and desktop) using a single codebase. Dart is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language that codes Flutter applications. The demand for Flutter is due to its convenience to developers and growth avenues for businesses in this digital era.

Roles and responsibilities of a Flutter developer

Employers consider candidates with good academic backgrounds and experience when hiring applicants for Flutter developer roles. However, the determining factor for candidate selection is assessing whether a candidate is proficient in the Flutters' syntax and widgets. The applicant must demonstrate using the Flutter architecture, libraries, packages, and layouts to create native macOS, Android, iOS, and web solutions. Therefore, an employer administers the Flutter Developer Test to measure if a potential candidate has the competency, skills, and expertise required for the open position.

What is inside this Flutter Test?

This Flutter Test includes realistic and objective questions the candidates must solve within a set time. This sixty-minute assessment contains thirty-five multiple-choice questions (MCQs) focusing on the technical and conceptual aspects of the job to identify the most appropriate candidates before an interview. The questions test the candidate's knowledge of Flutter development and UI components and understanding of dart programming, architecture approaches, design and animation, etc. Employers can understand whether the applicants know the essential concepts of Flutter and the skills to execute these concepts effectively.   

The Flutter platform is popular among organizations due to its efficient development, adaptive user interface, and native performance. It makes developing full-featured apps fast, flexible, and scalable, along with essential components such as geolocation, widgets, animation, compositing, 3rd-party SDKs, etc.

What skills does this Flutter Developer Test cover?

  • Questions in this test section extend across the Flutter topics such as architecture, accessibility and internationalization, state management, UI components, design and animation, widgets, interactivity, rendering, packages and plugins, navigation and routing, forms and gestures, dart programming, and flutter features.

What roles can you assess using the Online Flutter Test?

  • Flutter developer: A Flutter developer reviews the software specifications and UI mockups, develops a cross-browser mobile application from scratch, and leads the application testing effort. They work alongside a backend developer and a UI designer, ensuring high-performing applications with a smooth user experience.   
  • Flutter UI developer: A Flutter UI developer's responsibilities encompass app development, UI/UX implementation, code debugging, performance optimization, integration of external services, and collaboration with designers. They contribute to creating high-quality and visually appealing mobile applications using the Flutter framework.   
  • Android Flutter developer: A Flutter developer is a software developer who specializes in using the Flutter framework to build mobile applications. An Android Flutter developer is responsible for creating apps that run seamlessly on Android devices.   
  • Flutter mobile app developer: A Flutter mobile app developer develops mobile applications using the Flutter framework. Their responsibilities include designing and implementing user interfaces, writing code, debugging, optimizing performance, integrating APIs and external services, etc.

Sample public questions for the Flutter Developer Test 

  1. What is a widget in Flutter?   

A widget is a fundamental building block used to construct user interfaces. Widgets create an app's interactive and visual elements, such as text fields, buttons, images, etc. In Flutter, everything is a widget, including the app itself, its layout, and the individual elements that make up the layout.   

  1. Which skills are required to use Flutter?   

Proficiency in specific hard skills is a prerequisite for using the Flutter framework. These include SQL knowledge, Dart programming language, Flutter framework, Git knowledge, Android mobile development skills, and iOS mobile development skills.   

  1. What is the FutureBuilder widget in Flutter?   

FutureBuilder is a widget that helps asynchronously build the UI based on the result of a future computation. It is commonly used when the UI depends on data loaded asynchronously, such as data from an API or a database.   

  1. When would you use profile mode in Flutter?   

Developers use profile mode to maintain debugging abilities and analyze an app's performance while it's tested. Candidates should know that compiling profile mode requires the flutter run –profile command.   

  1. What is a stream in Flutter?   

A stream is an asynchronous event sequence processed one at a time. It's a way to handle and manipulate data that is being continuously updated or changed, such as network data, user input, or data from sensors.  

  1. What is the MaterialApp widget in Flutter?   

MaterialApp is a widget in Flutter that executes the material design language, a visual language developed by Google that gives a consistent look and feel across platforms and devices.   

  1.  What does cross-platform development mean?   

Cross-platform development refers to creating apps that run on various platforms or operating systems using a single codebase. It helps reach a wider audience while minimizing development time and cost.   

  1.  When would you use release mode in Flutter?   

Developers use release mode in Flutter to deploy an app, reduce the footprint size, and increase optimization. Applicants should know that release mode features include a faster startup and execution. Developers can compile release mode using Flutter run–release.   

  1. How do you implement internationalization in a Flutter app?   

Flutter provides the Intl package, which supports adding multiple languages to the app. One can use the package to define messages in different languages, format numbers, dates, and times, and apply pluralization rules based on the language.   

  1. What are some of the critical features of Flutter?   

Some of the critical features of Flutter include widgets, hot reload, dart programming language, material design and Cupertino widgets, cross-platform development, animation, and graphics. 


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Questions in this test section extend across the Flutter topics such as architecture, accessibility and internationalization, state management, UI components, design and animation, widgets, interactivity, rendering, packages and plugins, navigation and routing, forms and gestures, dart programming, and flutter features.

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