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Hive Developer Test: Evaluating Hive developer skills with precision

The Hive Developer Test, designed specifically for pre-employment screening, is a comprehensive assessment that enables talent acquisition specialists to efficiently evaluate candidates and identify the best talent for the position. With a focus on measuring the essential competencies crucial for success as a Hive developer, this test ensures an efficient and targeted evaluation process. 

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Hive Developer Test is an expertly crafted assessment meticulously designed to assess candidates' knowledge and expertise in a wide range of competencies required for effective Hive development. This in-depth evaluation covers diverse topics, including Hive features, functions, queries, operators, data types, databases, and HiveQL. Candidates will be asked questions that assess their knowledge and understanding of the key fundamentals and practical application of these Hive-focused areas.

The test also covers essential knowledge in the context of big data. It encompasses questions on general concepts of Hadoop, the relationship between Hadoop and Spark, as well as the fundamentals of big data, data mining, and data munging. This comprehensive approach ensures that applicants being considered for the role will demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of the broader big data landscape, enabling them to utilize their skills and abilities in Hive. 

Additionally, by incorporating multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Hive-oriented and big data-focused topics, this pre-hire test provides recruiters with an objective approach to gauge candidates' Hive proficiency and ability to implement their expertise in practical scenarios.

Screen candidates for the following profiles using this Hive Online Test:

  • Big data developer 
  • Big data engineer  
  • Data engineer - Hive 
  • Hive developer


There is no denying that Hive experts are in high demand across industries and sectors such as data analytics and business intelligence, technology and software development, e-commerce and retail, financial services, etc. Hive is an optimized data warehousing and query language intricately constructed for efficiently managing extensive data repositories within the Apache Hadoop platform.

With businesses' growing accumulation and analysis of substantial volumes of data, there has been a significant upturn in demand for skilled Hive developers competent in leveraging Hive and unlocking its capabilities. Hive developers are tasked with writing and optimizing Hive queries, creating data pipelines, and ensuring the streamlined processing of big data.

Nevertheless, hiring top Hive talent presents a severe challenge to many talent acquisition experts. Big data engineering is a novel field, and identifying professionals with thorough expertise in Hive and associated technologies can be arduous. Hive developers should be well-versed in data modeling, distributed computing, SQL, and data processing systems such as Hadoop. Moreover, they should demonstrate hands-on competence with HiveQL and knowledge of performance tuning and query optimization best practices for sizable data processing. 

That is why pinpointing candidates with such skills and expertise can be time-consuming.

To face these challenges, many organizations utilize the Hive Developer Test to screen and evaluate potential applicants. This test gauges the depth and breadth of a candidate's Hive skills, including HiveQL syntax, data modeling concepts, query optimization techniques, and problem-solving ability. 

By employing this test, recruiting managers can screen out participants whose skill sets do not match the role requirements and take successful candidates to the next stage of the evaluation process. This helps enhance the efficiency of the recruitment process and ensures that those candidates with the necessary expertise in Hive development are considered for the job, making the entire process time and resource-efficient. 


This Hive Developer Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Hive Developer Test Competency Framework

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Hive Skills Test Competencies Under Scanner

Hive Developer Test



Questions in this section extend across topics such as Hive-Features, Hive-Functions, Hive-Queries, Hive-Operators, Hive-Data Types, Hive-Database, HiveQL-Select-Where, HiveQL- Select-Group By & Order By, and HiveQL - Select-Joins.

Big data

Questions in this section span the following topics: Hadoop-general concepts, Hadoop-Spark, Big data-data mining, big data-general and fundamental concepts, and big data-data munging.

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Mercer | Mettl's comprehensive suite of standardized and scientifically validated technical tests, from basic assessments to tests precisely specific to job roles, helps you identify and choose the most exceptional candidates for specialized technical positions within your organization. 

Mercer | Mettl's Hive Developer Test is a pre-employment screening test specially designed to cater to the level of technical aptitude – per industry standards – a Hive developer would be expected to possess.  

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