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HR Manager Assessment: Measuring HR competence & people management aptitude

The HR Manager Assessment is a pre-employment aptitude test designed to assess job applicants' competence in the essential skills needed in an HR manager. The test provides a holistic evaluation of candidates' expertise in HR practices and their aptitude for effectively leading and managing diverse teams. It will help you hire managers with the skills necessary to foster positive employee outcomes, effectively manage risk, and provide valuable inputs for making decisions that positively impact stakeholders.

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Inside this HR Manager Assessment

This HR Manager Assessment measures a comprehensive set of skills essential for individuals in HR leadership positions. It is designed to identify individuals with exceptional leadership, management, negotiation, interviewing, and recruitment prowess. These skills are essential for facilitating organizational growth.

The assessment evaluates various competencies relevant to human resources, including work management, people management, cognitive ability, and domain ability. These abilities are vital for success in an HR manager role.

Being an HR manager is as challenging as it is rewarding. Given the critical responsibilities of an HR manager, from maintaining quality standards within the organization to supporting the growth and development of employees, organizations must recognize the most suitable candidates who will thrive and excel in such roles.

Unlike resumes that primarily highlight experience rather than skills, the HR Manager Assessment plays a pivotal role in the recruitment process, ensuring that only candidates with the necessary expertise and capabilities are selected, leading to more objective, practical and informed hiring decisions.

The HR Manager Skills Test helps screen candidates for the following profiles: 

  • HR manager 
  • Talent acquisition manager 
  • Compensation and benefit manager


Human resource (HR) managers play a pivotal role in the success of every organization. They handle complex responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of the HR department and contribute to the holistic success of the organization. An HR manager acts like a fulcrum that balances employee and management relationships. 

Skilled and capable HR professionals are the bedrock of organizational success. Whether it is about looking at every aspect of preparing and executing compliant HR management policies and procedures or resolving an organization's issues through human capital solutions, they are the problem-solvers for all things HR. They foster and encourage meaningful, productive relationships within the organization and play a pivotal part in aligning HR strategy with business strategy to serve its goals.

With an increasingly competitive business landscape and employee attrition at an all-time rise, companies have become more critical to finding the best talent to fill specialized positions. That is where HR managers play a crucial role in creating and managing a multi-generational workforce. They perform various complex tasks concerning hiring, compensation, organizational policies and behavior, employee management, training and performance, workplace conflict resolution, etc.

That said, companies often find hiring HR candidates with managerial skills challenging because these positions require an amalgamation of interpersonal skills and strategic thinking, posing a significant difficulty in identifying individuals with both qualities in abundance. Additionally, HR managers should understand organizational dynamics and know how to navigate demanding situations, further reducing the available pool of eligible candidates.

This is why organizations seeking capable HR professionals require scientifically validated pre-hire assessments that differentiate high-potential candidates from average or below-average applicants for these roles. Mercer | Mettl’s HR Manager Test is one such assessment to evaluate the candidate's proficiency in the essential functions of HR. The test helps assess an individual's HR expertise, managerial skills, business acumen, relationship management, and consultation skills. The test provides a way for the top management to recruit a competent and skilled team of HR professionals, which can help organizations set and sustain the right pace of growth by overseeing its most essential aspect – the people.

Moreover, test administrators can integrate scalable, secure, and cost-effective proctoring solutions to the assessments. Hence, screening and selecting qualified candidates for the next stage of recruitment becomes highly simplified. In addition, the test result reports offer a holistic insight into the candidates' performance, which is crucial in making informed hiring decisions. 


This HR Manager Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

HR Manager Assessment Competency Framework

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HR Manager Skills Test Competencies Under Scanner

Managing work
Managing people
Cognitive ability
Human resource


Change management

The test comprises questions about change management, aiming to evaluate candidates who can highlight their ability to effectively communicate the necessity and reasoning behind the change, ensuring that all stakeholders are at ease with it.

Execution excellence

The test includes questions about execution excellence to evaluate candidates who can consistently set high standards for quality results and display a strong will to achieve extraordinary goals.

Ethical propensity

This test section on ethical propensity includes questions to help recruiters identify candidates who can demonstrate honesty and integrity in all interactions involving internal and external stakeholders. This is essential for building trust and being regarded as a dependable partner by others.

Planning and organizing

The test section consists of questions on planning and organizing to help identify candidates who can demonstrate an ability to detail the steps required to accomplish one's objectives and understand the resources needed. Moreover, it assesses candidates' ability to prioritize tasks and effectively multitask to maximize efficiency.

Process orientation

The test section comprises questions about process orientation, aiming to evaluate candidates who can demonstrate proficiency in adhering to standard procedures and complying with rules and regulations to ensure workplace efficiency.

Strategic orientation

The test segment consists of questions related to strategic orientation, intending to identify candidates who can effectively demonstrate an ability to consider the short and long-term implications of one's actions and decisions on the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The HR competency assessment is a systematic process of acquiring information about potential candidates. Employers use this information to make employment-related decisions about applicants. Moreover, the test evaluates an individual's interests, qualifications, and experience in HR management. 

An HR Manager Skills Test assesses candidates' abilities in essential areas of HR management, such as recruitment, training, employee relations, policies, and strategic planning. It helps evaluate their knowledge, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities relevant to HR responsibilities in an organization. 

Yes, at Mercer | Mettl, it can be done. If you require additional information, please contact us, and we will gladly provide further assistance.

Yes, it is. In the past, we have tailored HR Manager Skills Test reports according to the specific preferences of our clients. However, if you require additional information, kindly contact Mercer | Mettl, and we will gladly assist you in finding the optimal solution.