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Liferay Developer Test: Screen for the best talent and drive hiring success

The Liferay Developer Test is a pre-employment screening test designed to aid recruiting managers in assessing the Liferay development skills of applicants during the initial screening stage. This Liferay Test evaluates candidates' expertise and skillset in Liferay development, ensuring that only the most skilled individuals proceed in the hiring process. By streamlining talent screening, the assessment enables recruiting teams to make informed talent decisions and effectively select suitable Liferay developers. 

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Inside this Liferay Developer Test

The Liferay Test serves as a pre-hiring evaluation tool, enabling recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidates' proficiency in Liferay development objectively and efficiently. The test covers a variety of crucial competencies related to Liferay development. In addition, it evaluates candidates' hands-on programming skills, particularly their proficiency in Java, via Codelysis, a robust coding simulator.

Additionally, the test consists of multiple-choice questions, which allow for objective grading and standardized scoring, to assess candidates' understanding of various Liferay topics. With questions that focus on essential topics such as Liferay portlets, JSR 168 and JSR 286 standards, Liferay's module framework and OSGi modules, and more, it helps the recruiting managers determine test-takers' expertise and suitability for Liferay development roles.

By administering the Liferay Test Online, talent acquisition experts can rest assured that they have hired the right talent for their organizations. This pre-hire test can help companies build a team of high performers while saving valuable time and resources in the recruitment process. This tool ensures that candidates have the knowledge and expertise to excel in roles requiring proficiency in Liferay.

Screen candidates for the following roles using the test: 

  • Liferay developer 
  • Liferay DXP developer


Liferay has continually progressed to cater to the dynamic demands of the ever-changing business landscape. Liferay is an open-source, J2EE technology-driven software development platform built on top of Java. The portal is extensively used in B2B and B2E environments and provides support for various kinds of development challenges. Undeniably, there is a significant demand for candidates proficient in Liferay, which is expected to grow. The following factors contribute to this demand. Firstly, Liferay is a robust and highly customizable platform enabling the development and administration of web portals and collaboration systems at an enterprise level.

Secondly, it encompasses an extensive suite of tools and features that assists businesses in strengthening their online presence, elevating customer experiences, and enhancing internal processes. Furthermore, the platform's scalability and versatility make it well-suited for implementation in e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and government sectors. Hence it is inevitable that the demand for skilled Liferay developers who can make the most of the platform's capabilities to meet specific business objectives has increased.

However, recruiting proficient Liferay developers poses a considerable challenge. The intricacies of the platform necessitate those developers should gain mastery of Liferay's architecture, Java, and web development frameworks. Moreover, they should know how to implement Liferay's core features, customization, and integration with other platforms. Finding experienced Liferay developers is a different ballgame altogether. In the face of escalating demand for exceptional talent in the market, there arises a need for businesses to identify the best talent well in advance of their competitors. 

To overcome these challenges, companies can administer the Liferay Developer Test as a part of the hiring process. The test serves as an efficient and effective screening and evaluation tool to find job-fit talent. By gauging a candidate's Liferay proficiency, including the knowledge of core concepts, practical implementation skills, and development best practices, the Liferay Test helps organizations determine the suitability of applicants. These tests cover these topics; portlets - analysis, plugins, web applications, architecture, module framework, OSGi module, AUI, DXP, web services, etc. By leveraging these tests, organizations can select developers with the necessary competencies to successfully handle Liferay projects, thereby immensely contributing to the success and growth of their digital endeavors. 


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Liferay Developer Test Competency Framework

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Liferay Test Competencies Under Scanner

Liferay Developer


Hands-on programming

This section involves using Codelysis, an advanced coding simulator, to assess practical experience and coding proficiency in Java.


Questions in this section extend across topics such as Portlets - Analysis, JSR 168 standards, JSR 286 standards, module framework, OSGi module, AUI, DXP, web services, plugins, web applications, and architecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Liferay developer uses the Liferay platform to design, develop, and manage web portals and collaboration systems. Their primary duty encompasses using their proficiency in Java, Liferay's architecture, and web development frameworks to design scalable and customizable solutions. Liferay developers work in unison with cross-functional teams, including system administrators, UI/UX designers, and project managers, to comprehend business needs and translate them into technical implementations. 

Mercer | Mettl’s Liferay Online Test is an exam or assessment conducted through an online platform to measure the depth and breadth of individuals' knowledge and proficiency in Liferay development. It comprises a mix of technical questions (both coding and multiple choice) related to various aspects of Liferay, including its architecture, techniques, customization, best practices, integration, and more. 

Mercer | Mettl’s Liferay Developer Test is essential as it helps employers assess the skills and capabilities of test-takers objectively and efficiently. By evaluating a candidate's conceptual and practical proficiency in Liferay, the assessment helps determine their level of expertise in the Liferay platform. Liferay test results ensure that employers can make well-informed hiring decisions and select top talent with the required expertise to execute Liferay projects efficiently and effectively. 

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