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NetSuite Administration Test- Assessing candidates' proficiency in managing and configuring NetSuite

This NetSuite Administration Test assesses candidates’ proficiency in managing and configuring NetSuite, including forms, custom workflows, fields, scripting, integration, user roles, permissions, data management, financial management, and SuiteCommerce. High-performing test takers can illustrate their expertise in handling real-world NetSuite administration challenges.

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Inside this NetSuite Administration Test

The NetSuite Administration Test evaluates candidates' skills and knowledge for NetSuite administrator roles. Candidates can demonstrate their skills and knowledge for NetSuite administrator roles with the NetSuite Administration Test. The test is used to assess the following roles: 

  • NetSuite administrators 
  • NetSuite consultants 
  • NetSuite developers 
  • NetSuite implementation specialist 


The NetSuite Administration Test is a comprehensive examination designed to assess an individual's proficiency in managing and administrating NetSuite, a cloud-based suite of business management applications. This test is relevant for professionals configuring, customizing, and maintaining NetSuite implementations within an organization. It covers various topics, including user roles and permissions, customization of forms and records, workflow automation, data management, and integration with other systems.  

Candidates taking the NetSuite Administration Test can exhibit their knowledge of NetSuite's architecture, configuration settings, and best practices for optimizing the platform to meet specific business requirements. The examination evaluates their ability to troubleshoot common issues, perform system upgrades, and effectively implement security measures.  

An organization needs the NetSuite Administration Test for several reasons. NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system that offers various features, including accounting, CRM, inventory management, and e-commerce. Here are some reasons why an organization needs a NetSuite Administration Test:  

  • Skill assessment: Conducting a NetSuite Administration Test allows an organization to assess the skills and proficiency of individuals responsible for administering NetSuite within the organization. It helps ensure administrators have the knowledge and expertise to manage and optimize the NetSuite platform effectively.  

  • Certification requirement: NetSuite offers certifications for administrators, such as the SuiteFoundation and SuiteAdmin certifications. Organizations may require employees or consultants to take these certifications to validate their expertise in NetSuite Administration. The test serves as a means to prepare for and evaluate candidates for accreditation.  

  • Quality assurance: Ensuring administrators are well-versed in NetSuite helps maintain the quality of system configurations, customization, and ongoing maintenance. It is crucial for the efficient and effective use of NetSuite to support the organization's business processes.  

  • Security compliance: NetSuite contains sensitive business data, and proper administration is essential for maintaining security and compliance. The test covers user access controls, data security, and other aspects of NetSuite Administration that are important for the integrity and confidentiality of the organization's information.  

  • Process optimization: Understanding the full range of NetSuite features and capabilities allows administrators to optimize business processes within the organization. The test can assess an individual's ability to leverage NetSuite functionalities to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and meet specific business requirements.  

  • Troubleshooting and support: NetSuite administrators are often responsible for troubleshooting issues, supporting end-users, and resolving system-related challenges. The test may include scenarios that assess an administrator's problem-solving skills and ability to address common problems within the NetSuite environment.  

  • Continuous improvement: A NetSuite Administration Test can help administrators stay current with the latest features, best practices, and updates, ensuring that they can adapt to changes and continue to provide value to the organization.  

In summary, a NetSuite Administration Test ensures that the individuals responsible for managing NetSuite within an organization have the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize the platform for the organization's needs. With the increasing adoption of NetSuite as a critical business solution, success in the NetSuite Administration Test signifies a candidate's capability to oversee the platform's day-to-day operations, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with organizational objectives and contributes to overall business efficiency. 

NetSuite Administration Test Competency Framework

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NetSuite Administration Test Competencies Under Scanner

NetSuite Administration

It includes skills in user management, integration, customization, reporting, data management, implementation, security, workflow automation and system administration.

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A NetSuite administrator plans, reviews, and customizes NetSuite to meet user needs, helping with data extraction through reporting and searches and monitoring end-user usage and system performance. Ensuring the quality of account data and performance of regular data audits; resolving data integrity issues.

NetSuite is a software company with a cloud-based business management platform used by more than 37,000 fast-growing organizations across the globe.

NetSuite is affordable, easy to implement and maintain, and the leading ERP solution. Organizations use NetSuite to enhance business efficiency.

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