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React Native Developer Test for evaluating candidates' technical proficiency in the React Native environment

This React Native Test is a crucial component of screening and recruiting used to assess job candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the React Native framework. This test, designed for junior-to mid-level candidates, will cover skills through multiple choice questions (MCQs) that focus on the intricacies and fundamentals of React Native, including Layout and Flexbox, React Native CLI, State, Animations, Concept, Props, TabBarIOS, etc. 

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Inside this React Native Developer Test

The React Native Test is a pre-employment evaluation of candidates to screen, assess, and shortlist the most suitable candidates before interviews. The test is uniquely designed to help talent acquisition experts and hiring managers identify skilled applicants proficient at creating, updating, and maintaining their applications via this JavaScript framework. It is an ideal pre-hire test that hiring experts can use to assess a candidate's job fit for React Native developer roles efficiently and effectively.

Administering the React Native Developer Test allows hiring experts to determine if potential candidates possess a strong understanding and expertise in React Native. The duration of this test is 45 minutes and contains 30 questions. Candidates who perform well on this assessment can build and deploy various React Native components and plugins with utmost ease. Moreover, these individuals will be able to develop native apps from the ground up and add new functionalities to existing apps, perform versioning, and fix any bugs that may arise during the development process.

This React Native Assessment will help evaluators validate a test-taker's on-the-job skills prior to an interview. It enables them to channel energy, time and resources into assessing, analyzing, and interviewing only qualified candidates while filtering out unsuitable applicants early in the process. With comprehensive test result reports comes the convenience of gaining in-depth insights into each candidate's technical competencies and employability skills crucial for success in the role.

The test helps to screen applicants for the following roles: 

  • React Native developer 
  • React-Native mobile engineer 
  • React Native developer - Mobile app designing 
  • Mobile app developer- React Native 
  • React Native developer - Android/iOS


React Native is an open-source framework developed by Meta Platforms, Inc. It helps developers build native iOS, Android, and web applications, using a single shared codebase. It comes with crucial, ready-to-use native components integral to developing apps. It includes a set of essential resources such as libraries, reference material, and pre-built components that help developers build natively rendered applications.

React Native is one of the best mobile app development frameworks. It's perfectly relatable if businesses choose React Native to develop excellent applications, but they must also hire exceptional developers for high-quality application development. Underperforming, inadequately skilled developers harm an organization, so it is crucial to onboard someone onto a team who has a mastery of React Native and knows the nuances and intricacies of building user-friendly true native apps.

But how can employers ascertain the fitment or suitability of a job candidate in the hiring process? How to determine a candidate's level of competence for a given role? Are candidates' capabilities perfectly aligned with the requirements of the open position? Most importantly, how can they assess and ensure that applicants know the ins and outs of the React Native framework? The React Native Developer Test is the key to solving developer recruitment problems.

Today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive job market mandates that organizations have an optimized and effective hiring process, be it campus hiring or lateral hiring drives. Businesses are seeking top talent in today's market scenario, particularly for high-performing React Native developers. But, hiring for these roles is a critical concern, with a staggering percentage of hiring decision-makers considering it a significantly challenging activity. That is why the React Native Test has become the go-to choice for many recruiters and employers seeking to quickly test the technical abilities of both fresher and experienced developers.

Screening and evaluating candidates require great physical and mental exertion. Talent acquisition experts must ensure that the shortlisted candidate is job ready and a right fit before having them commit to the job. Employing the React Native Online Test for hiring helps uncover what skills, knowledge, and understanding potential employees possess. The assessment results can then be utilized in finalizing the best talent for the given role.


This React Native Developer Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

React Native Developer Test Competency Framework

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React Native Test Competencies Under Scanner

React Native

The following React Native skills are covered in this section: CLI, Component, Layout and Flexbox, State, Animations, Style Sheet, TabBarIOS, Props, GeoLocation API, and Bridging.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Mercer | Mettl React Native Assessment is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.  

We have previously customized the React Native Test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution. 

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