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PowerShell Online Test to Identify Candidates Who are Best Aligned with the Organization and the Job

The PowerShell Test is a pre-employment technical skills assessment that helps you arrive at an informed decision when it comes to identifying the perfect candidate for any given position that requires proficiency and qualification in PowerShell skills.

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Inside this PowerShell Test

The PowerShell skills test enables recruiters and hiring managers to make data-informed decisions while objectively screening candidates. The test provides them with a data-driven approach to ensure that only candidates who fit the criteria for the job based on their PowerShell skills, knowledge, and competency would be considered for the next steps in the hiring process. Therefore, it helps filter out applicants who do not fit the skills requirements and helps speed up hiring by streamlining the screening process.  

The subskills covered in this PowerShell Test have thoughtfully been included to offer a comprehensive overview of any individual's expertise in the PowerShell scripting language. The PowerShell Online Test helps bring the candidate's strengths and areas of improvement to the fore, which is crucial to arrive at a conclusive hiring decision about whom to select regardless of the number of applicants that hiring teams need to screen. Most importantly, actionable insights from the assessment test reports can help predict employability skills and job performance.

Questions in the PowerShell Test span across the following topics:

  • Array
  • Conditions
  • Date and time operations
  • Files and folder operations
  • Hash tables
  • Looping
  • PowerShell in Azure
  • Regular expression
  • Remoting and modules
  • Scripting
  • Special variables
  • Functions
  • Operators


It is incontestable that Microsoft Windows-based platforms have become a hot favorite among big businesses, whether for providing mass cloud computing or catering to their data administration requirements. The reason is that Microsoft software solutions and tools come with exceptional support service, unmatched efficiency, mobility, and flexibility, enabling big firms to augment their reach and increase their prominence in the global virtual space.

As elemental as any other database administration and development tool (DADT), Dot NET frameworks have lent unprecedented ease to developers. This open-source developer platform allows software developers to create compatible web-based, desktop, and mobile apps across different operating systems. However, to realize the untapped power of a Dot NET-based system, developers need PowerShell to look after the administrative aspect of any system. This task-oriented scripting language has simple syntax but a robust framework and can help developers manage the registry, processes, event logs, etc.

As an object-based language, PowerShell is known for its object manipulation prowess, implying that the objects are sent to other databases/tools easily. It is commonly used to streamline the build-test-deploy cycle, usually in continuous integration (CI) / continuous deployment (CD) environments. All this and much more are achievable through PowerShell’s powerful features.

Finding a software engineer with unmatched PowerShell skills can be an arduous undertaking for employers, especially if they seek urgent hiring support for positions that need to be filled immediately. That is where the online PowerShell test comes in handy to select the best candidates without compromising the quality of hires.

The PowerShell skills assessment assesses candidates' skills, knowledge, and capabilities around scripting concepts and fundamental concepts associated with PowerShell. As a result, identifying suitable candidates from a pool of resumes for the next stage of the recruitment process becomes easily feasible. In addition, regardless of their knowledge or background in the subject matter, hiring managers can use this test to quickly gain insights into the depth and breadth of any applicant's PowerShell skills.


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Choose easy, medium or hard questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels.

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Yes, it is possible. Please write to Mercer | Mettl for assistance.

We have previously customized PowerShell test reports based on client requirements. Please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to work out a solution for you.  

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