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NodeJS Online Test for recruitment

The NodeJS Online Test evaluates a candidate's proficiency in hands-on programming skills on basic NodeJS, NodeJS, and advanced topics. NodeJS allows data-intensive real-time applications (chats, games, etc.) to run effectively on various platforms and concurrent connections.

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About Mercer | Mettl NodeJS Assessment

The NodeJS Coding Test by Mercer Mettl evaluates a candidate's abilities and skills to create scalable and fast network applications. The test assesses skills in handling data-intensive real-time applications operating across distributed devices. The candidate's skills are evaluated on three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

What is NodeJS Online Assessment?  

NodeJS Online Assessment is a method of evaluating a candidate's knowledge and skills in programming with NodeJS through a series of online tests or coding tasks. Employers or recruiters can use these assessments to screen and evaluate candidates for NodeJS developer positions. Online assessments objectively assess candidates' capabilities by testing their abilities to solve real-world NodeJS problems and showcasing their coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of NodeJS concepts.

Benefits of NodeJS Assessment

  • High performance and scalability- NodeJS provides excellent performance and scalability. It allows for handling many concurrent connections with low latency, making it helpful for applications that require real-time communication or handle heavy traffic.  
  • Efficient development process- NodeJS uses a single-threaded, event-driven architecture and efficiently handles asynchronous operations. This enables developers to write code in a non-blocking manner, resulting in faster development and improved productivity.  
  • Microservices architecture- NodeJS is well-suited for building microservices-based architecture. Here, applications are broken into more minor, independent services. Its lightweight and modular nature and ability to handle high concurrency make it a reliable choice for developing and deploying microservices.

What is inside this NodeJS Assessment?  

Designed by subject matter experts, this sixty-minute test includes nineteen MCQs and one coding problem to be solved on our backend coding simulator. Mercer | Mettl's Node JS Online Test evaluates a candidate's proficiency in NodeJS Basics, hands-on programming, and Advanced Topics. The test has been designed to assess an applicant's NodeJS knowledge and applied coding skills.

The importance of NodeJS Online Test  

NodeJS Online Tests provide a platform to evaluate candidates' technical skills and proficiency in NodeJS development. It allows employers to assess a candidate's knowledge of NodeJS concepts, frameworks, and best practices, ensuring they have the necessary skills for the job.  

  • Screening candidates efficiently- Online tests can streamline the screening process by quickly filtering out candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements. It saves time and resources by focusing on candidates with a solid understanding of NodeJS.  
  • Validating practical knowledge- NodeJS online tests often include practical coding exercises or problem-solving tasks. These tests assess candidates' ability to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, providing a more accurate measure of their practical skills and problem-solving abilities.  
  • Identifying potential performance issues- Online tests can simulate real-world scenarios and assess a candidate's ability to handle performance-related challenges in NodeJS applications. It helps identify candidates who can optimize code, handle high traffic, and ensure the application's performance meets the required standards.  
  • Ensuring excellent cultural fit- NodeJS Online Test includes questions or scenarios that assess a candidate's understanding of best practices, coding standards, and industry trends. This helps evaluate if the candidate aligns with the organization's culture, values, and development methodologies, ensuring a good fit for the team and the company.

What skills does this NodeJS Assessment cover?  

  • Hands-on programming- It measures a candidate's coding skills on a coding simulator by giving real-world problems. It evaluates their hands-on experience and capability to code in a desired language.  
  • NodeJS Basics- This NodeJS Coding Test assesses the following subskills: Callbacks - Application, File System - Application, Events - Application & Concept, Buffers and Streams - Application & Concept, Basics and NPM - Application & Concept, Callbacks - Application & Concept. 
  • Advanced topics- This NodeJS Coding Test measures the following subskills: Node Modules - Application, Packaging and Encryption - Application, Node and Rest API - Application & Concept, Node Frameworks - Concept along with Node and Rest API - Concept.

What roles can you assess when using the NodeJS Online Test?  

The NodeJS Online Test is used for the following profiles:  

  • NodeJS Developer- A NodeJS developer designs and develops server-side applications using the NodeJS framework. They are proficient in JavaScript and utilize their skills to build efficient web applications. Their responsibilities include writing clean and maintainable code, implementing security measures, optimizing application performance, and delivering high-quality software solutions.  
  • Software Developer 1 (NodeJS)- The responsibilities of Software Developer 1 (NodeJS) include developing and maintaining software applications using NodeJS, collaborating with cross-functional teams to design and implement solutions, and troubleshooting and debugging code, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.  
  • Backend Developer (NodeJS)"- The roles and responsibilities involve designing and developing server-side applications using NodeJS, implementing APIs and integrating with databases, ensuring scalability and performance of the backend infrastructure, and collaborating with front-end developers to create seamless user experiences. It also includes optimizing code, conducting code reviews, and troubleshooting backend issues.

Where in your recruitment process should you use the NodeJS Assessment?  

The NodeJS Assessment can be used during the initial screening stage and technical evaluation stage. It helps streamline the recruitment process by focusing on candidates proficiently in NodeJS.

During the technical evaluation stage, the assessment can be used to assess their practical knowledge and coding skills in NodeJS. It can include coding exercises, problem-solving tasks, or live coding interviews to evaluate their ability to apply NodeJS concepts and best practices. By conducting the assessment at this stage, employers can better understand candidates' technical skills and make decisions about their suitability for the role.

Sample questions for NodeJS Assessment  

  1. What is a NodeJS Event Loop?  

Event Loop is the foundation of the non-blocking input/output in NodeJS. Event loops handle asynchronous callbacks in NodeJS  

  1. How is NodeJS most frequently used?  

NodeJS is widely used in real-time chats, complex SPAs (single-page applications), streaming applications, microservices architecture, etc.  

  1. What is the complete form of REPL?  

REPL stands for Read Eval Print Loop.  

  1. In which language is NodeJS written?  

NodeJS is written in JavaScript. 

  1. What is NPM?  

NPM refers to Node Package Manager, which manages all NodeJS packages and modules. 


This Assessment is a part of following skills libraries

NodeJS Online Test competency framework

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Hands-on programming

Assesses a candidate's coding skills on a robust coding simulator by giving real-world problems and evaluate their hands-on experience and capability to code in a desired language.

NodeJS Basics

This NodeJS Coding Test evaluates the following subskills: Callbacks - Application, Events - Application & Concept, Buffers and Streams - Application & Concept, File System - Application, Basics and NPM - Application & Concept, Callbacks - Application & Concept.

Advanced topics

This NodeJS Coding Test evaluates the following subskills: Node Modules - Application, Node and Rest API - Application & Concept, Packaging and Encryption - Application, Node Frameworks - Concept along with Node and Rest API - Concept.

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