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Recruiters can use online quantitative aptitude tests in their hiring process to find candidates with excellent problem-solving skills and numerical abilities quickly and efficiently. These online assessments evaluate cognitive and quantitative skills by including a series of questions employed with subject matter experts' help. Based on the respondent's performance, finding the best candidates while filtering out unsuitable ones becomes easy.

Quantitative ability tests are used widely by organizations as beneficial assessment tools. As these assessments are based on mathematics, analytics, and statistics, they eliminate personal bias when hiring and reduce recruiting errors. These online tests can be administered to hire top talent in a team, which is essential for unbiased lateral hiring. The assessment results can help filter employees with any significant skill gaps. When it comes to learning and development, the quantitative skills test result data provides crucial data, which can be employed to develop training programs. 

What do quantitative assessment tests measure?

Organizations worldwide use quantitative aptitude tests to recruit job candidates based on test data and eliminate hiring bias based on impulsive tendencies. A candidate with good quantitative aptitude is likely to perceive and process numbers to perform basic arithmetic operations and perform estimates. The candidate is expected to analyze assessments based on the given information and exhibit an excellent concentration level in solving problems.

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Why should you use Mercer | Mettl's quantitative aptitude tests?

Mercer| Mettl's quantitative skills assessment test is designed to assess how likely a candidate can perform numerical analysis. The test assesses candidates on basic numerical operations relevant to candidates across job roles, irrespective of their educational background. The test questions are designed to determine how quickly and how effectively a candidate solves problems and how structured a candidate approaches solutions to problems.

Use this quantitative ability test for:

The test finds its use case in screening and hiring candidates with 0-2 years of experience in jobs, such as business analytics, research projects, banking, and financial roles, etc. The test is most suitable for candidates with an educational background in engineering, a bachelor's/master's in business administration, and certifications in statistical courses.
Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Junior Engineers / Associated Engineers
  • Management trainee
  • Associate Managers / Assistant Managers

Test Details:

Number of sections


Number of questions


Test duration

30 minutes

Test language English

NOTE: If required, the test can be offered in other languages as well. Please connect with us at for any such requirement.

Answer to common queries:

Can I get benchmark scores for the candidates who take this assessment for hiring decisions?

Yes, we can do so selectively. Please write to us for such a request, and we would be glad to assist.

Can I get customized reports for the candidates who take this assessment, for example, to highlight the most important competency?

Yes, we can do so selectively. Please write to us with such a request, and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

What is a quantitative aptitude test?

The quantitative aptitude test is administered to assess the candidate's quantitative, logical, and analytical skills.  

How to prepare for a quantitative aptitude test?

Listed below are some common tips which will come in handy for candidates preparing for the test:

  • Become conceptually strong and focus on comprehending the topic fundamentals
  • Practice topic-wise and solve more questions for each topic
  • Use tricks and shortcuts as much as possible
  • Refer to mock question series and solve questions based on each topic
  • Utilize time-management skills 

What is a quantitative ability test?

The quantitative ability test is a type of cognitive ability test that evaluates candidates' numeracy skills to determine whether they can solve mathematical problems, such as profit & loss, simple interest, work & time, number system, and percentage. 

What topics are included in a quantitative aptitude test?

The quantitative aptitude test contains questions based on concepts on many topics such as compound interests, numbers, average, problem on ages, height and distance, calendar, partnership, boats and streams, speed, time and distance, height and distance, profit and loss, percentage, pipes, and cisterns, etc.

Why is quantitative aptitude essential?

Quantitative aptitude refers to an individual's ability to perform complex mathematical and numerical calculations. It's significant because candidates with quantitative aptitude can process the data and use it to analyze and solve problems in real-time.

What are the quantitative skills?

Quantitative skills are measurable, objective, and analytical. These skills include using numbers in various ways, from preparing evaluation surveys, experiments to performing digital media marketing, or analyzing open data, among other uses. Listed below are critical quantitative skills:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Mathematical Reasoning Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Science Skills
  • Survey Skills

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  • Manufacturing

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