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Task Parallel Library in C# Test: Assess parallelism, creation, TPL, & dataflow skills

The Task Parallel Library in C# Test is a pre-employment screening test that tech recruiters and hiring managers use to assess candidates' ability to leverage the Task Parallel Library (TPL) to optimize performance and efficiently handle parallel computing tasks in C#. 

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Inside this C# TPL Assessment

The Task Parallel Library in C# Test helps talent acquisition experts assess applicants' ability to utilize the Task Parallel Library (TPL) to optimize code execution and expertly handle parallel computing tasks in C#. The test is crucial for positions that entail parallel programming or require managing computationally demanding tasks.

The TPL Skills Test features various competencies that reflect the wide-ranging aspects of TPL implementation. This includes the test takers' knowledge and conceptual application related to data parallelism, including general data parallelism, parallel queries, sequential versus parallel queries, and LINQ queries. The section on task parallelism covers areas such as parallelization, synchronization, coordination, task scheduling, and probable pitfalls to avoid.

Furthermore, a competency section on task creation assesses candidates' knowledge of threading, task continuations, task constructors, and managing child tasks. The test also explores TPL intricacies, such as thread scheduling, parallel code execution, TPL API usage, concurrency management, ContinueWith method utilization, and exception handling. Lastly, the assessment covers dataflow programming concepts, including the library, multithreading, networks, and blocks.

The in-depth evaluation of candidates' expertise in these areas enables recruiters to gain insights into their ability to effectively utilize the TPL's features for proficient parallel execution in C#.

Screen candidates for the following positions using the test: 

  • Dot Net developer (TPL) 
  • C# developer (Advance Dot Net/TPL) 
  • Software developer (Dot Net-TPL)


The modern, fast-paced technological landscape has experienced a substantial and active demand for highly skilled C# developers proficient in Task Parallel Library (TPL) skills. The increasing complexity and data-dependent nature of present-day applications have mandated the need for expertise in TPL to maximize performance, enhance scalability, and boost responsiveness. The Task Parallel Library presents a robust framework for concurrent and asynchronous programming in C#, enabling developers to make the most of the computational power of modern hardware. Undoubtedly, organizations value the significance of parallel computing and place a high premium on developers with strong TPL skills.

However, finding an outstanding talent with mastery of Task Parallel Library can be challenging. The reason is that recruiters and hiring managers must ensure that candidates have hands-on experience with TPL, a strong understanding of parallel computing principles, and the ability to apply TPL techniques for performance optimization. Finding developers with such skills can take a lot of work, considering that recruiting managers are inundated with a deluge of resumes and applications, requiring them to sift through an ocean of applicants. Moreover, a thorough assessment of their TPL proficiency is critical.

This is where the Task Parallel Library in C# Test comes in handy. By undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of applicants' TPL skills through MCQs, the test provides an objective way to identify top talent. The test allows talent acquisition managers to screen and find individuals with the necessary expertise in TPL and the capability to optimize performance and maximize efficiency in parallel computing scenarios. By accurately evaluating candidates' proficiency, organizations can pinpoint the suitable candidates for positions that mandate TPL skills, leading to a streamlined hiring process and the selection of top-notch talent. 


This Task Parallel Library Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Task Parallel Library in C# Test Competency Framework

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Task Parallel Library Test Competencies Under Scanner

Task Parallel Library Test


Data parallelism

This section covers the following topics- General, parallel queries, parallel vs. sequential queries, and LINQ queries.

Task parallelism

This section entails the following competencies - Parallelization, synchronization and coordination, task scheduling, and pitfalls.

Task creation

This segment encompasses the following topics - Threading, task continuations, task constructors, and child tasks.


This section addresses the following topics - Scheduling threads, parallel code, API usage, concurrency management, ContinueWith method, async/await, and exception handling.


This segment includes the following competencies - Dataflow library, multithreading, dataflow networks, and dataflow blocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Task Parallel Library Test is a pre-hire assessment to determine the test taker's competence in using the Task Parallel Library in C# to maximize code performance efficiently. It enables tech hiring managers to locate skilled individuals proficient in parallel programming using the TPL. 

The Task Parallel Library Skills Test by Mercer | Mettl is tailor-made for recruitment purposes. However, we also offer the flexibility to benchmark for custom sample sets. If you have a particular benchmarking requirement, kindly contact us, and we will be glad to provide further guidance. 

Mercer | Mettl has successfully customized test reports per clients' needs in the past. If you have a particular customization request, please get in touch with us; we will help you find a suitable solution. 

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