Learning Agility Model

The learning agility model provides a framework to measure an individual’s or an organization’s learning agility and offers actionable insights required to improve performance and productivity. The model emphasizes the learning agility needs for various industries, businesses and job roles.

The learning agility model underlines the importance of assessing the two components of learning agility skills: ability and orientation. Learning ability is determined by fluid intelligence and can be measured using abstract reasoning or spatial reasoning tests. Learning orientation is determined by behavioral attributes, such as open-mindedness, a drive for mastery, consciousness and inquisitiveness and can be assessed using a psychometric test.

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Learning agility and proximity help an organization easily identify who to train and how best to train them. Learning agility measures an individual’s ability and orientation to learn. It indicates an individual’s learning preferences and drive. Proximity index indicates individuals whose skillsets are closets to the desired skills. Together, learning agility and proximity can help create a targeted training plan for the right set of people.

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Solutions For Measuring the Learning Agility of Your Workforce

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