Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis is a carefully regulated process that analyses your organization’s current and required skills level to answer all questions concerning a successful training intervention – in what competencies to train your employees? Which employees will respond the fastest to training? How to train them – classroom, online, blended or self-paced approach. Training needs analysis is the first step toward commencing a rewarding learning and development initiative.

Training need analysis involves carefully identifying your organizational workforce’s training and development needs to design a training program that meets business needs and provides excellent returns. It enables your employees to address the skills gaps, perform better and become future-ready. Training needs analysis is indispensable to your organization’s future. It opens up avenues for reskilling and upskilling by helping you understand the job roles or competencies that may become obsolete or redundant in the future.

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Training needs analysis is an essential exercise for building a future-ready workforce. Training needs analysis is a structured process through which an organization can find out the skill gap in their workforce by assessing their current skill level vis-a-vis the required competencies in the future of work. Training needs analysis can significantly benefit organizations and employees by contributing to the creation of effective training programs thereby improving the efficacy of the training program.

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Mercer | Mettl's Training Needs Assessment

Identify who, what, and how to train based on holistic and validated training needs assessments

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