Training Needs Assessment

A training needs assessment indicates an employee’s current skills and competency levels. This evaluation is then used to determine where each employee stands in terms of the required competency level needed for maximum performance and productivity in the present and future. A training needs assessment is used before implementing training programs to understand every employee’s training needs and designing the training program accordingly.

Conducting a needs assessment is the first step in training needs identification. It helps organizations objectively understand their workforce’s current skills and knowledge levels. Training needs assessments are usually created considering specific teams and roles to measure particular competencies outlined in the organizational requirements. The methodology answers three questions – what to train, whom to train and how to train.

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Training needs analysis is an essential exercise for building a future-ready workforce. Training needs analysis is a structured process through which an organization can find out the skill gap in their workforce by assessing their current skill level vis-a-vis the required competencies in the future of work. Training needs analysis can significantly benefit organizations and employees by contributing to the creation of effective training programs thereby improving the efficacy of the training program.

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Mercer | Mettl's Training Needs Assessment

Identify who, what, and how to train based on holistic and validated training needs assessments

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