Online Salesforce Tests: Identify Key Employability Skills to Hire the Right Talent

What is Salesforce? inc. is a cloud-based software company that provides customer relationship management services. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company enables businesses to harness the power of cloud technology and connect efficiently with clients, potential customers, and partners.  

The software is imperative for customer success and provides a complementary suite of business applications centered on marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and application development. Founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Dave Moellenhoff, Frank Dominguez, and Parker Harris,  Salesforce pioneered cloud computing to replace conventional desktop CRM software.

Salesforce is one of the first global companies to leverage cloud technology and build an array of applications to expand their reach to the customers and gain insights into their offerings through analytics and applications. Globally, over 150,000 companies use Salesforce's scalable cloud-computing solutions. Enterprises use the Salesforce software to connect with their customers, understand them on various levels, and expand their customer base. 

Salesforce developers are responsible for developing the functionalities in a sandbox, customizing the applications to the customer's need, API integration, tracking and fixing bugs, and providing excellent documentation. Salesforce Developers engage in programming and developing various applications, using technologies like Visualforce and Apex to design Salesforce solutions. Their responsibilities include:

  • Coding and testing of functionalities and applications based on the Salesforce platform
  • Integration of information via API’s
  • Understanding, building, and deploying customer requirements
  • Reviewing requirements to plan and architect Salesforce solutions

There has been unprecedented growth in the demand for Salesforce developers, analysts, and administrators. Moreover, jobs commanding expertise and experience with the service are growing faster than ever before. The burgeoning market for Salesforce developers is greater than the supply. Employers across the globe face the most acute tech talent shortage, and that is where Salesforce assessment tests will come in handy, enabling the HR staff and hiring managers to assess and recruit the most competent professionals. 

About Salesforce  Assessment Test

The Salesforce online test evaluates candidates' expertise in customizing and working with the Salesforce platform's intricacies. It is an ideal tool for pre-employment screening. Salesforce assessments evaluate an individual's capability to use technologies such as Visualforce and Apex to customize the Salesforce platform and model the data using object relationships. 

A Salesforce developer test requires test takers to answer multiple-choice questions about the Salesforce platform. Using these assessments, tech recruiters can quickly assess the candidate's technical skills of configuring and customizing different Salesforce modules. Noteworthy here is that subject matter experts play a vital role in creating and validating the Salesforce coding test as per the industry standards.     

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Why should you use Mercer| Mettl's Salesforce assessment test?

Mercer | Mettl's Salesforce developer assessment test is specially designed to cater to the level of skills and preparation that a good beginner to the intermediate level developer would be expected to possess. We can benchmark the test for specific job roles with a vast array of the global target audience that has already given the test for that job role. 

Our Salesforce developer online test can enable organizations to implement a faster hiring process using a combination of handpicked questions and predictive analytics. Our data-backed methodology will provide you with an in-depth analysis of candidates' skills-based strengths and areas for improvement. This way, you can make significant hiring decisions and hire the best candidates. Moreover, participants can take the Salesforce developer coding test at the time and place of their choosing.

The Salesforce programming test helps to screen those candidates who possess traits as follows:

  • Knowledge of Salesforce objects
  • Expertise with user interface creation/modification using Visualforce
  • Familiarity with Apex for creation/modification of pages, as well as JavaScript and other related technologies
  • Experience with Lightning

The 45-minutes test aims at thoroughly evaluating the knowledge, concepts, application, and analysis skills of the target audience in the Salesforce platform. The test has 19 items divided into three sections, as follows:

  • 5 MCQ/MCA items based on API's
  • 8 MCQ/MCA items based on Apex
  • 6 MCQ/MCA items based on Debugging and Testing
  • 4 MCQ/MCA items based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • 3 MCQ/MCA items based on OOPS
  • 3 MCQ/MCA items based on SQL & RDBMS
  • 7 MCQ/MCA items based on Visualforce
  • 3 MCQ/MCA items based on Web Services

Recommended experience bracket of target audience: 0.5 – 3 years

Difficulty level: Moderate

This Salesforce developer online test is useful for hiring:

  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Technical Consultant

Answer to common queries:

Can we benchmark candidates based on our internal sample set?

We can do so selectively. Please write to us for such a request, and we would be glad to assist.

Can we customize the report to include some specific analysis?

We have done so in the past on a client-to-client basis. Please write to us with such a request, and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that enables enterprises to streamline their marketing operations and sales.  Salesforce is known worldwide as the best CRM platform. It also offers businesses unimpeded access to web-based software.

What are Salesforce interview questions?

If you appear for job interviews that require expertise in Salesforce, it can be useful to prepare beforehand for questions that can be asked during an interview. Listed below are some commonly asked Salesforce interview questions: 

  • How can users set themselves apart from others in Salesforce?
  • How can users set themselves apart from others in Salesforce?
  • Do you know the database architecture on which Salesforce is based?
  • What are Sandboxes?
  • Explain a custom object in Salesforce?
  • What are the leading causes of data loss in Salesforce?
  • How many ways can you use custom objects?
  • What is meant by the workflow in Salesforce?
  • What is CRM?
  • What differentiates a profile from a role?
  • What do you understand by Governor limits?
  • What steps would you take to deploy from Sandbox to Production?
  • How many portals are available in Salesforce?
  • Name the different kinds of object relationships in Salesforce?

What is QA in Salesforce?

Salesforce Quality Assurance Analysts perform a wide array of responsibilities:

  • They design the QA framework and protocol for undertaking extensive Salesforce implementation/migration projects
  • They are the ones responsible for providing stakeholder engagement and end-user support 
  • They work with third-party vendors for integrations
  • They analyze and administer data for migration/implementation

What is regression testing in Salesforce?

Regression testing is used to ensure that a recent deployment or configuration update does not negatively impact a system's existing processes, functionality, and workflows.  

What are the tools used in Salesforce?

Professionals from around the world use various Salesforce tools for business development, and some of them are listed below:

  • Cirrus Insight 
  • Ambition
  • Clearbit
  • Pardot
  • Engagio
  • Gong
  • HelloSign
  • Guru
  • Tenfold
  • Prezi 

What skills are needed to become a Salesforce developer?

Given below are the skills integral for a Salesforce Developer:

  • Platform development
  • Data management, modeling, and security
  • Visualforce basics
  • Salesforce app customization
  • Developer console
  • Search solution basics
  • Object-Oriented Programming using Apex 
  • Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL
  • Salesforce Lightning Framework

Is Salesforce an ERP or CRM?

Enterprises often utilize two systems to improve operational efficiency, namely a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. provides on-premise and SaaS CRM and ERP solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Is Salesforce challenging to learn?

It all boils down to how determined you are to learn the Salesforce CRM. Even though it is extensive, it is not as difficult as it seems. You can take up an online Salesforce Training course to gain mastery over the system.

Why is Salesforce so popular?

There are many reasons behind its popularity, one of these being its multifaceted CRM features such as workflow creation,  contact management, task management, collaboration tools, opportunity tracking, analytics, customer engagement tools, and a mobile-ready dashboard.

What companies use Salesforce?

Here's a list of leading companies relying on Salesforce:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Spotify
  • U.S. Bank
  • Toyota
  • Aldo
  • T-Mobile
  • Macy’s
  • American Express
  • The New York Post
  • L’Oréal Americas
  • Canon
  • NBCUniversal
  • The Hershey Company

Is coding knowledge required for Salesforce?

There are numerous career opportunities in the Salesforce domain that do not require a person to be a coder/programmer.

Is Salesforce still in demand?

These reasons explain why the demand for Salesforce will only increase with time:

  • By 2022, over 3.3 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Over 200K organizations have already switched to Salesforce.
  • The average annual growth rate of the Salesforce platform is predicted to be sixty-five percent.
  • This unique CRM system has 19.7% of the total market share.

What is Salesforce famous for?

Salesforce is known the world over as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution provider to bring companies and customers on the same page.

What is the use of Apex in Salesforce?

Apex is an OPP, strongly-typed proprietary language of the Salesforce Lightning Platform that is saved and run in the multi-tenant cloud computing architecture.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

The Lightning component framework is used for app development and is designed to make processes pretty straightforward for business users, who usually do not have adequate programming experience.

Is coding required for Salesforce developers?

Listed below are critical programmatic technologies for a Salesforce developer:

  • Apex
  • Lightning Component Framework
  • Visualforce

What is Einstein for Salesforce?

Einstein is a comprehensive AI for CRM that includes a combined set of AI technologies to enhance the efficacy of the Customer 360 platform.

How is Salesforce used in healthcare?

As a healthcare CRM, salesforce can easily connect systems of record and provide insights into the comprehensive health journey, including personalized communications that foster relationships and establish trust in customers, whether they are members, providers, partners or patients.

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