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Angular 11 Assessment to measure employability skills among developers

The Angular 11 Assessment is a pre-employment screening test to assess a developer's skills and expertise with Angular version 11. This online Angular 11 recruitment test helps to determine a candidate's understanding of Angular 11 features, the intricacies of the framework, and the Angular style guide.

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Inside This Angular 11 Test

The online Angular 11 Test gauges the depth and breadth of an individual's knowledge of the Angular 11 framework. A proficient Angular developer should have a profound understanding of the Angular components and the ability to implement that expertise to come up with user-friendly and scalable web applications. This online assessment evaluates a candidate's technical prowess using this TypeScript-based open-source web application framework.

Technical recruiting teams will find the online Angular 11 Assessment an invaluable tool to screen out unsuitable candidates and identify qualified candidates from a vast pool of applicants. These tests will help recruiters make objective talent decisions, relieving them from the administrative overload of conducting too many interviews and setting themselves up for success. Moreover, the Angular 11 Recruitment Test helps screen candidates for the most sought-after skills employers look for in a developer. Most importantly, the test insights will be instrumental in uncovering data-driven insights for identifying the best candidates for the given role.

The 60-minutes test includes 30 multiple choice questions (MCQs). The test created by subject matter experts helps assess a candidate's domain knowledge as per industry standards. 

Key profiles this Angular 11 Assessment is helpful for include:

  • Angular 11.x developer
  • User interface (UI) developer (Angular 11. x)
  • Front end developer (Angular 11. x)


Hiring a highly competent Angular developer should be your utmost priority if you intend to develop successful and capable enterprise-level web applications. Angular is a web application framework for creating single-page applications (SPAs) via HTML and TypeScript. This TypeScript-based platform is a brainchild of the Angular team at Google and a diverse community of people and businesses. Even though it has been years since the first version of Angular surfaced, it remains one of the most popular frameworks for its multi-faceted features and high functionality.

While Angular has taken the development world by storm, it has also become challenging to hire an expert Angular developer with the necessary competencies, skills, and knowledge to become an organization's integral part. Prominent global companies from Microsoft, Samsung, PayPal, to Deutsche Bank use Angular to their advantage. Many leading Angular development companies are looking for perfect talent in the industry, and hiring managers are eager to harness the right skills from the most suitable candidate. So, the most crucial question is, ‘how do you identify and hire the best Angular developer without difficulty?’

To find the ideal expert that meets all the employer's requirements, testing software engineers on their expertise throughout the screening process will help ensure objectivity and transparency while recruiting a competent Angular developer. That is why pre-employment tests (in this case, the online Angular 11 Test) will come in handy to gauge the domain skills of applicants before an interview.

Hiring Angular developers with profound domain knowledge necessitates a comprehensive evaluation of abilities. This Angular 11 Assessment will enable recruiters to reduce screening time while hiring developers. Moreover, candidates who score well on this test are well suited to be taken to the next level of recruitment. 


This Angular 11 Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Angular 11 Assessment competency framework

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Angular 11 Assessment Test Competencies Under Scanner

Angular 11 Assessment


Angular 11

The following subskills are assessed in the Angular 11 test: CLI, Component Test Harnesses, Hot Module Replacement, Automatic inlining of fonts, Webpack 5 support, Forms, and ESLint.

Angular Core Concepts

The following subskills are assessed in Angular core concepts: Routing, Components, Directives, Services and Modules.

Frontend (HTML5 & CSS3)

Subskills assessed in this section are: HTML5 - Structural Elements, New Attributes, and New Semantics, and CSS3 - Borders, Shadows, Animation and Transformations.

TypeScript (Version - 4.0)

This test evaluates these subskills in Typescript (Version - 4.0): Variadic Tuple Types, Variadic Tuple Types, Labeled Tuple Elements, Class Property Inference from Constructors, Short-circuiting Assignment Operators, unknown on catch Clause Bindings, and Editor improvements: Convert to Optional Chaining.

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The Civil Engineering Aptitude Test by Mercer | Mettl has been designed to help recruiters assess candidates for essential competencies that civil engineers require to succeed in their job roles. Apart from evaluating candidates’ aptitude for civil engineering, the test also covers functional and cognitive skills, like numerical ability, logical reasoning, and critical civil engineering concepts.

We have previously customized Angular 11 test reports based on client requirements. Please write to us with your request; we would be glad to work out a solution for you.  

Custom assessments or made-to-order assessments enable you to assess specifically those competencies you intend to evaluate in a candidate. Mercer | Mettl's seasoned subject matter experts clearly understand varied testing needs because every job description demands different requirements and requires a custom assessment to find the right talent efficiently. With an expansive library of 100,000+ questions, you can choose questions that you find the most relevant to create a technical test that streamlines your candidate screening process efficiently.

Yes. Custom tests can include a collection of handpicked questions based on the job description, role requirements, and all must-have skills you emphasize. 

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