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AngularJS Test to screen and assess candidates for Angular developer roles

The AngularJS Pre-Employment Test evaluates candidates' ability to apply essential Angular and AngularJS concepts, ensuring they can effectively utilize these foundational skills in real-world web development scenarios. It assesses applicants' familiarity with the Angular front-end web framework and its functionalities. 

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Inside this AngularJS Assessment

The AngularJS Assessment is a pre-hire evaluation undertaken by hiring managers to evaluate candidates' knowledge of Angular and its components. This comprehensive evaluation assesses candidates' vital technical skills, including Angular Core Concepts (components, directives, modules, routing, services) and AngularJS expertise (expressions, controllers, MVC architecture, filters). 

The test plays a pivotal role in ensuring employers identify individuals with the precise skill set required to excel in front-end development roles, contributing to creating robust, extensible, and user-centric web applications. 

Key profiles the test is useful for: 

  • AngularJS developer 

  • Front-end developer- Angular JS 

  • Web developer - Angular JS 


The modern job market, driven by technology, continues to exhibit a sustained and steady demand for AngularJS developers. AngularJS, an open-source front-end web framework, is extensively used to produce web applications with dynamic and interactive features. With a growing emphasis on improving their online presence and enhancing user experiences, businesses increasingly recognize the escalating demand for proficient AngularJS developers. 

The framework's capacity to create responsive and feature-rich applications is the reason behind this heightened demand. AngularJS developers are, consequently, regarded as invaluable assets for companies aiming to maintain their edge in the ever-evolving digital arena. However, identifying and onboarding skilled AngularJS developers can be a challenging task. This is because AngularJS can be characterized as a complex framework that requires a mastery of its core concepts and best practices to utilize its complete capabilities.  

The complexity of front-end development and the need for proficiency in design and coding skills may make it difficult to identify top talent. To tackle this challenge, employers can administer AngularJS pre-screening assessments in their recruitment process. These tests help evaluate candidates' proficiency in AngularJS, ensuring they possess the necessary skills to develop sturdy and scalable web applications. Using these assessments, organizations can simplify their hiring process and spot the ideal candidates well-equipped to meet the demands of modern web development. 


This AngularJS 1.x Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

AngularJS Competency Framework

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AngularJS Competencies Under Scanner

AngularJS Test


AngularJS Core

The AngularJS Core questions section encompasses the following key areas: components, directives, modules, routing, and services.


The AngularJS questions section encompasses the following key areas: expressions, controllers, MVC architecture, and filters, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Including an AngularJS Test in the hiring process can be highly beneficial. It helps ensure potential candidates possess the requisite skills to excel in front-end development roles. This saves time by conducting preliminary evaluations and leads to more informed hiring decisions.  

The AngularJS Test functions as an effective screening tool to evaluate candidates' proficiency in AngularJS and its components. It assesses their familiarity with essential concepts like components, directives, and services. By administering this test, you can identify candidates who possess conceptual knowledge and apply it to real-world scenarios. This ensures that the individuals you hire are well-prepared to contribute to the success of your front-end development projects. 

Yes. We understand that every organization has unique job requirements and expectations. Our AngularJS Test can be customized to include questions that align with your role requirements. This helps ensure that you are ascertaining candidates' fitment based on the skills and knowledge relevant to the roles you are hiring for, helping you find the best fit for your team. 

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