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Network Security Engineer Skills Test to help hire the best network security experts

This Network Security Engineer Test is a pre-employment assessment used to objectively assess a candidate's domain understanding of cyber security concepts, IT security concepts, information security concepts, and data governance.

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Inside this Network Security Engineer Skills Test

The Network Security Engineer Test helps recruiting teams and hiring managers understand a candidate's skills in maintaining network and communication security across several layers. Designed and developed by the subject matter experts (SMEs), this Network Security Engineer Test evaluates the candidates' skills and competencies according to industry standards. This pre-hire assessment requires candidates to answer 30 multiple choice questions (MCQs) in 45 minutes. It is an ideal pre-employment test for network security engineer recruitment and helps pick candidates who possess the following traits:

  • An in-depth understanding of computer network security applications, network security, electronic mail security, network attacks, firewalls, and web security.
  • Proficiency in network architecture design based on network monitoring.
  • Knowledge of BCP concepts process and tasks, sniffer attack, multi-factor authentication, and logic bombs, among others.

The possibility of ever-evolving cyber-security threats has necessitated organizations to adopt a vigilant approach to keep their systems and data, free from any vulnerability. Network security engineers play a pivotal part in this process. Security engineers can oversee many functions related to IT security - from maintaining software security to choosing or developing and deploying wide-ranging network security systems. Network and communications security entail placing adequate safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to data and protect computer networks' accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality.


It is estimated that cybercrime will cost the world 10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025. Any business entity with a flimsy security framework will falter eventually, leading to reputational damage, potential legal ramifications, and a significant impact on the company's bottom line.  

This Network Security Engineer Skills Test helps test the understanding of the nuances of network security responsibilities. These professionals must know the legal and regulatory consequences of any security breach that could translate to sanctions, fines, and other impositions. To keep those risks at bay, security engineers deploy software and hardware tools that ensure necessary protection for clients. Interestingly, the demand for network security professionals is growing at an unprecedented rate. The global cyber security market is projected to reach 500.70 billion USD by 2030, leading to a rise in demand for cybersecurity professionals.  

Therefore, prospective employers need a comprehensive understanding of candidates' competencies and employability skills before making a hiring decision. That is why assessing network security engineer skills helps evaluate the applicants on core competencies needed to succeed and excel in their future roles. Administering this pre-employment test can help employers zero in on the ideal candidates with the job skills aligned with the business needs. In addition, the Network Security Engineer Test is a helpful tool to filter out candidates before the job interview, helping recruiting teams focus on the right talent for the specific role. 

Hiring managers who want to stack their team with the best and most accomplished network security talent from every corner of the globe should measure the knowledge of the candidates' applied skills acquired through hands-on experience rather than just their theoretical knowledge. That is where the evaluation of network security engineer skills comes in handy to gauge on-the-job competencies and reduce applicant screening by expediting the talent assessment process efficiently and objectively. Moreover, the insights obtained through this test can help interviewers understand how well the candidates fare on the critical competencies required to be an efficient network security engineer.


This Network Security Engineer Skills Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Network Security Engineer Skills Test Competency Framework

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Network Security Engineer Test


Cyber security

This test assesses the basic understanding of cyber security concepts.

IT security

This test assesses a candidate's understanding of computer network security applications, electronic mail security, network security, network attacks, firewalls and web security.

Information security

This test assesses an applicant's understanding of BCP concepts process and tasks, logic bombs, mandatory access control, multi-factor authentication, and sniffer attack.

Data governance

This test assesses an individual's understanding of data governance policies and processes, metadata management, data quality, and data governance tools.

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