Online Data Entry Operator Aptitude Test for Recruitment and Hiring

This is a comprehensive functional and aptitude test designed to assess the skills of a candidate to perform the duties of a data entry operator. It measures the Basic Computer Literacy of the candidate, ability to work with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, Attention to Detail, Analytical Ability & Problem Solving and Typing ability.

Benefits of using Mettl test for Data Entry Operators: Candidates who do well on this test will be able to:

  • Use computers effectively to perform their daily tasks
  • Use Microsoft Word to create basic documents and reports
  • Use Microsoft Excel to gather and organise data
  • Send, receive, organise and analyse information and records
  • Perform detail oriented tasks requiring precision and accuracy
  • Troubleshoot, manage time and solve basic issues encountered at workplace

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Data Entry Operators are the back end executives collecting and organising information for businesses. They type out, print, verify accuracy of, organise and maintain information about potential and existing customers, employees, and processes. This test has been designed to test the proficiency of a candidate for taking up this role.

Key profiles that the test can be useful for:

This test is useful for freshers as well as experienced candidates in any industry. Some notable job roles include:

  • Data Entry Operators and Typists
  • Office and Municipal Clerks
  • MIS Executives and Computer Operators
  • Office Coordinators and Staff Service Supervisor


Test Details:

Number of Sections


Number of Questions


Test Duration

40 minutes

Test Language


NOTE: If required, the test can be offered in other languages as well. Please write to us for any such requirement.


Section Details:

Basic Computer Skills

This test has been designed to assess the ability of a candidate to work using a computer. It tests if an individual is aware of the functions in a computer including basic hardware, network, security and system software.

MS Word

This test has been designed to assess the ability of a candidate to work using Microsoft Word. It tests an individual’s ability in checking spellings, previewing, printing, formatting, adding pictures and tables, and performing other basic functions in Microsoft Word.

MS Excel Basic

This test has been designed to assess the basic excel skills of a candidate. It tests the ability to use excel for data typing, sorting, filtering, and formatting. It also tests use of pivot tables, excel shortcuts, hyperlinks, password protection and other excel functions.

Attention to Detail

The ability to capture every minute detail and present the work in a clear, complete, precise and easy to understand language.

Analytical Ability and Problem Solving

The ability to analyse the given information from different perspectives by breaking it down into simple components and by structuring the information in a logical order to arrive at a solution.

Typing Skills

The ability to write or input text by pressing keys on a typewriter or a computer keyboard in the form of letters, numbers and other symbols.

Answer to common queries:

Can I get benchmark scores for the candidates who take this assessment for hiring decisions?

Yes, we can do so selectively. Please write to us for such a request and we would be glad to assist.

Can I get customized reports for the candidates who take this assessment, for example, to highlight the most important competency?

Yes, we can do so selectively. Please write to us for such a request and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

How are candidates’ scores evaluated?

The candidates are evaluated on critical competencies and skills required for a job role. Scores on these competencies/ skills are looked in combination to determine if the candidates are recommended for the role.

How it works:

step 1

Add this test to your tests

step 2

Share test link from your tests

step 3

Candidate take the tests

step 4

You get their tests report

Note You will be charged only at step 3. i.e. only when candidate start the test.

Relevant for Industries

  • IT
  • Banking & finance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing