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Generative AI Engineer Test: Gauging candidates' AI brilliance

The Generative AI Engineer Test assesses candidates' understanding and proficiency of machine learning (ML) fundamentals, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced Generative AI concepts, including long short-term memory (LSTM), transformer models, prompt engineering, etc. Moreover, it evaluates test takers' knowledge and expertise in Python concepts, ML frameworks, and libraries.  

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Inside this Generative AI Engineer Assessment

The Generative AI Engineer Test is a comprehensive pre-employment test to gauge the candidates' competencies in core skills required for AI engineers. It enables talent acquisition professionals to identify top talent with technical IT skills, complex problem-solving ability, analytical skills, and deep AI knowledge required for constructing and deploying AI models and implementing transformative AI solutions. 

Today's competitive AI landscape underscores the need for a deep and multifaceted understanding of this field, and the Generative AI Engineer Test intends to gauge that precisely. This rigorously crafted MCQ assessment covers a spectrum of skills, beginning with machine learning basics, encompassing basic concepts, traditional algorithms, and feature engineering required for natural language processing. Evaluating test-takers in these foundational aspects is crucial for ascertaining their ability to construct and deploy AI models.  

The test also delves into advanced concepts, encompassing both advanced generic concepts and advanced Generative AI principles. These are included to determine if applicants have strong domain knowledge and can tackle complex and innovative AI challenges. Furthermore, the assessment covers Python concepts, focusing on language basics, data structures, functions, and regular expressions. 

Python, as an AI-centric language, is immensely valuable. Hence, it is only natural that candidates would be evaluated on their familiarity with Python ML frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, which are crucial for building and deploying AI models. Moreover, the examinees' knowledge of Python Libraries, including data handling and basic libraries, is tested. This helps ensure respondents can work efficiently with real-world data and implement AI solutions. 

Key profiles the test is helpful for:  

  • Generative AI engineer  
  • Conversational AI developer  
  • AI Model explainability specialist  
  • Language model architect  


In a quickly evolving domain of artificial intelligence, Generative AI tools and platforms are helping enterprises rethink their AI engineering strategies. There is a burgeoning need for Generative AI Engineers, and companies are looking for professionals with AI expertise. This demand is significantly propelled by the increasing adoption of Generative AI in sectors such as finance, healthcare, marketing and sales, R&D, etc. GAI engineers combine technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, and an in-depth grasp of AI principles to create and deploy AI models and execute substantial AI solutions. They are well-versed in data preprocessing, pattern recognition, feature engineering, model training, optimization, and more. 

Competent Generative AI Engineers are highly valued for their domain knowledge, problem-solving skills, and the ability to bring fresh perspectives to the field, which is essential for innovation. However, hiring candidates skilled in Generative AI can be perplexing. This is due to the multidisciplinary aspect of the role, which requires an in-depth understanding of machine learning fundamentals, a good grasp of programming languages like Python, expertise in specialized AI frameworks and libraries, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, Generative AI is a growing sphere, and the availability of experienced professionals is constrained, making it crucial for organizations to pre-screen and identify job-fit candidates with the potential to grow and excel in this domain. 

The Generative AI Engineer Test is a helpful tool to address this challenge by helping recruiting managers pre-screen and identify the most promising talent. It helps evaluate applicants across a spectrum of mission-critical skills, including ML fundamentals, advanced AI concepts, Python proficiency, proficiency in ML frameworks, and expertise in key libraries. By thoroughly evaluating these core competencies, the test helps filter out incompatible candidates while shortlisting those with the necessary knowledge and problem-solving acumen to effectively construct and deploy AI models. Thus, it helps streamline the hiring process and ensures that organizations can identify the best talent objectively and efficiently.  


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Generative AI Engineer Test Competency Framework

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Generative AI Engineer Competencies Under Scanner

Generative AI Engineer


ML fundamentals:

The Generative AI Engineer Assessment evaluates candidates' proficiency in ML fundamentals, including basic concepts such as supervised and unsupervised concepts, overfitting, underfitting, and model evaluation, as well as their knowledge of traditional algorithms like SVM, NB, PCA, clustering, DT, and linear regression. It also assesses their expertise in feature engineering for NLP, covering data cleaning (data wrangling and normalization), preprocessing (tokenization, stop-word removal, lemmatization, and stemming), and representation techniques such as N-grams, bag-of-words, and TF-IDF.

Advanced concepts:

In this section, candidates' grasp of advanced concepts will be assessed through advanced generic concepts such as deep neural networks (DNN), ensembling, imbalanced dataset handling, data augmentation, and transfer learning. Moreover, the advanced Generative AI concepts included in the test are long short-term memory (LSTM), recurrent neural networks (RNN), and transformer models like BERT, GPT, Transformer-XL, prompt engineering, attention networks, and specialized model evaluation metrics such as perplexity and burstiness specific to GAI.

Python concepts:

Within the Generative AI Engineer Test, candidates' Python competency is assessed across language basics, data structures (including operators, variables, vectors, and dictionaries), functions (including parameter passing), and in the context of regex.

Python ML frameworks:

This section assesses candidates' proficiency in Python ML frameworks, specifically TensorFlow and PyTorch, focusing on their ability to work with tensors, perform matrix multiplication, and create neural networks for machine learning and AI applications.

Python libraries:

This test section covers questions that aim to determine test takers' proficiency in Python Libraries essential for data handling and fundamental operations, including popular libraries like NumPy and pandas, lambda functions, and NLP-related libraries such as NLTK, spaCy, and Gensim.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Generative AI Engineer Test is a pre-employment assessment employed by recruiting managers to evaluate the knowledge and competencies of individuals aspiring to pursue careers in various Generative AI roles. It aids employers in selecting the most suitable candidates for AI engineering positions.  

Every hiring manager should consider the Generative AI Engineer Test as an indispensable tool in their hiring toolkit. It can help them identify candidates with the adequate skills and knowledge to thrive and excel in Generative AI roles. The test can help streamline hiring, ensuring they select the best of the lot.  

Mercer | Mettl's Generative AI Engineer Test can be included in the broader assessment process for recruiting Generative AI Engineers. The test is an initial screening tool, helping recruiters and employers pinpoint potential candidates who can proceed to subsequent interviews or evaluations.  

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