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Elevate recruitment with the Information Security Assessment

This Information Security Assessment evaluates candidates’ technical knowledge of information security and identifies experts for various roles. Security assessments identify and classify security risks by analyzing the current state of the network, applications, operating system software, hardware configuration and data sensitivity.

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About Mercer | Mettl Information Security Assessment

The Information Security Assessment refers to assessing security risks and identifying the security measures required to protect company data and information. It evaluates candidates' abilities to mitigate threats and attacks in assessing and determining the risks and consequences associated with vulnerabilities. It provides a basis for management to establish a cost-effective security program. It analyses a system or network to identify vulnerabilities and other weaknesses and is an essential part of Information Systems Management that helps understand and mitigate risk.

Who is an information security engineer?

Security engineers test and screen security software and identify security breaches and attacks on networks and systems. They resolve potential security concerns early on from a security position and recommend management improvements.

What is inside this Information Security Engineer Assessment?

The Information Security Engineer Test consists of forty multiple-choice questions with a time limit of forty minutes. It includes twenty-five questions with a basic level of difficulty and fifteen questions of intermediate difficulty.

What skills does the Information Security Engineer Assessment cover?

  • Security: This competency includes sub-skills such as security and SOC, and VAPT vulnerability.  
  • Information security: This competency includes skills and knowledge in information security.  
  • Application skills: This competency includes Android –Java, iOS – IS and Android - Basics - Theory.  
  • Frontend technologies: JavaScript – This competency includes sub-skills such as Generic, React.JSaier and Vue.JS - concepts  
  • Java: This competency includes the following sub-skills- Spring and SpringBoot.

What roles can you access using the Information Security Assessment?

  • Security engineer/analyst: They defend the employer’s network and systems from various cybersecurity threats. They assist firms in protecting sensitive data, developing secure systems, and responding to cyberattacks.  
  • Security architect: They design, create, test, and implement security infrastructure and systems for the job and organization. They review existing security systems (if any), identify vulnerabilities, and execute frequent security testing.  
  • Security administrator: They install and maintain the organization’s security solutions. They verify that the organization’s security solutions are functional to defend against data breaches, malware, and other cyber threats.  
  • Security software developer: They create security software adhering to security best practices. They may work for a software development business or as part of an organization’s security team, developing tailored solutions.  
  • Cryptographer: They create algorithms and secret codes to encrypt sensitive data and collaborate with a security software developer to develop security solutions. The function of a cryptographer is critical in ensuring that sensitive data is always protected.

Sample questions for Information Security Assessment

  1. Define a firewall.  

A firewall regulates incoming and outgoing traffic to prevent unauthorized access; it is a vital network security element. Operating according to predefined rules, it decides whether to permit or deny specific traffic.  

  1. What exactly is SNMP?  

SNMP is an abbreviation for Simple Network Management Protocol. This protocol provides a foundation for gathering data that allows one to control, monitor, and modify electronic properties on a network.  

  1. What is cognitive cybersecurity?  

Cognitive cybersecurity uses AI technology to identify risks and defend physical and digital systems by modeling them after human thought patterns.  

  1. What are the response codes that a web application can provide?  

The following are the response codes that a web application can provide: 1xx – informational responses, 2xx – success, 3xx – redirection, 4xx – client-side error, and 5xx – server-side error.  

  1. What is the meaning of regulatory compliance? 

 Regulatory compliance implies adherence of individuals, organizations, or businesses to the laws, guidelines, regulations, and standards set by regulatory bodies or authorities governing their specific industry or jurisdiction. It involves following the rules and requirements to ensure ethical behavior, safety, security, transparency and data privacy within a particular field.

Information Security Assessment competency framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

Information Security Assessment competencies under scanner

Information security competencies


Information security

This competency includes skills and knowledge in information security.

Application skills

This competency includes Android –Java, iOS – IS and Android - Basics - Theory.

Frontend technologies

JavaScript – This competency includes sub-skills such as Generic, React.JSaier and Vue.JS - concepts


This competency includes the following sub-skills- Spring and SpringBoot.


This competency includes sub-skills such as security and SOC, and VAPT vulnerability.

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Add, edit or bulk upload your own coding questions, MCQ, whiteboarding questions & more.

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Get a tailored assessment created with the help of our subject matter experts to ensure effective screening.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A security assessment evaluates the security posture of a system or network. These tests are performed by professionals who can identify and fix vulnerabilities in the system, ensuring that it remains secure from hackers.

Some examples include vulnerability assessments, security audits, IT security assessment reports, etc.

Security assessments are essential because they enable businesses to understand the risks they face, identify security vulnerabilities, measure the effectiveness of their security controls, and identify areas for improvement. Organizations can enhance security measures and minimize risks by conducting security assessments. Additionally, these assessments help prioritize security investments and establish a baseline for measuring security performance.

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