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Cyber Security Assessment to Hire Networking Experts

Cyber security assessment is used by hiring managers to evaluate cyber security skills of a candidate. Designed by subject matter experts, keeping in mind the design and validation metrics, this cyber security online test enables a deep evaluation of cyber security skills.

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This cyber security assessment accurately evaluates the cyber security readiness of a candidate on three levels - basic, intermediate and advanced.

Designed by subject matter experts, this test evaluates candidates on network security management, data governance policies, information security management and other critical cyber security management skills.

The 45-minutes test contains 30 MCQs assessing an individual's knowledge in cyber security.

The following roles can be primarily evaluated using this cyber security online test:

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Consultant


This Assessment is a part of following Skills Libraries

Cyber Security Competency Framework

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Cyber Security Competencies Under Scanner

Cyber Security Engineer


Data Governance

The cyber security assessment tests a candidate's skills of data governance policies and processes, meta-data management, identifying data quality, information on security, and data governance tools.

IT Security

The test assesses an applicant's skills in computer network security applications, electronic mail security, network security, solving network attacks and managing firewalls and web security.

Information Security

Evaluates following Information Security skills; BCP concepts process and tasks, logic bombs, mandatory access control, multi factor authentication, sniffer attack, token authentication and phishing and pharming spoofing attacks.

Cyber Security

The cyber security test holistically evaluates a candidate's hands-on skills in cyber security, malware practices, data security of IT systems and operational security.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is possible. Please contact Mercer | Mettl for assistance.

Yes, it can be done. In case of further information, please write to Mercer | Mettl.

Sitting down in a room packed with strangers who intend to evaluate your skills is a strenuous task in itself. Very few people like the idea of enjoying a tense atmosphere and pressure in such a setup. But as a cybersecurity professional, you are expected to demonstrate unwavering qualities in such settings. Well, you don’t have to feel upset or stressed out because we have included some common questions that should give you an idea of what you might be asked at an interview. So, get yourself acquainted with these questions and overcome the interview jitters.
 What is the MITM( man-in-the-middle) attack?
 This is probably the question that most employers ask. This question underscores the importance of knowledge of common cyber attacks. Candidates should be able to explain the concept of a man-in-the-middle attack adequately.
 What is the difference between encoding, encryption, and hashing?
 Knowing what’s the relevance of following the right terminology is vital for every cybersecurity professional. If a person mixes the concepts up, then it invites suspicion in the mind of the recruiters. It shows that the candidate is not well-acquainted with the subject, which is a bad sign in an interview.
 What is the use of ARP?
 Cybersecurity engineers must understand the working of network communications, failing which, the employer can refuse to take such candidates who don’t know the basics. A network security professional can detect any changes in the system whether or not it’s been under attack.
 How do you work in high-pressure environments?
 This question intends to assess how well employees perform under pressure. Dealing with stress is an integral part of what these roles demand, so candidates should be able to convince the interviewers of their abilities.
 What is a TCP three-way handshake?
 Hiring managers expect every professional to know the answer to this basic theory question. A good understanding of setting up a TCP connection over an IP network is essential in this regard. Since it is the most common method used in the industry, one should know how it works.
 What is cross-site scripting?
 This question might be asked to know the candidates’ viewpoint on this vulnerability and how critical it is to safeguard web applications on the internet. Candidates should be able to explain the concept of cross-site scripting adequately.
 These are some of the common questions that employers usually ask in an interview. With a systematic practice, you will be able to crack job interviews. Just be sure to read over as many interview questions as possible and don’t just limit yourselves to the technical side of the job.

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