Online Insurance Agent Skills Assessments: Hire Candidates With Right Skills Needed in Insurance Sales

Insurance sales agents have become indispensable for insurance companies. These professionals are responsible for recommending the best insurance policies to new and existing customers, depending on their financial needs. More and more insurance sales executives are diversifying, providing general purpose financial planning consultations to their clients. Some agents are also permitted to sell mutual funds, which is worth considering when planning to recruit insurance sales agents. As a commission-based job, insurance agents generate their income based on the number of clients they rope in, which is one of the obvious reasons for high turnover in this domain.

Taking cognizance of this fact, as well as recruiting skilled agents, can help to reduce turnover rates. The insurance sales agent should be well-versed in the industry's lexicon and relevant laws. Nowadays, most agents have a bachelor's degree. Insurance sales executives should have a warm, pleasing personality and high persuasion and influencing skills. These professionals should project an air of confidence and trustworthiness to inspire customers' trust. Employers who use insurance agent skills assessment to evaluate prospective candidates' skills never miss out on great candidates and always hire top talent.

About insurance agent skills assessments

The insurance sales executive test is a pre-employment assessment designed to help recruiters hire staff in this role. The test provides a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' abilities by evaluating job-specific knowledge and cognitive and behavioral skills. Each test consists of multiple components presenting crucial data for employment decisions. The test measures specific attributes, as mentioned below:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Insurance Basics
  • Personality
  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Motivation

Following completion, this insurance agent aptitude test generates a candidate selection report that includes the total score and detailed marks for each test component. Employers who use Mercer | Mettl's insurance sales executive tests to evaluate potential candidates typically utilize a Mettl personality inventory, the Mettl motivation inventory, combining it with customer focus and sales aptitude tests. This step is done to ensure that only those candidates get hired for sales roles who have the crucial skills and abilities required to succeed in this field.

Why should you use Mercer | Mettl's insurance agent skills assessments?

With the dynamically growing customers' needs and demand for genuine value, market penetration has become a vital challenge for sales leaders.  It is understood that increased sales and margins by each sales representative/personnel, with more repeat customers, can profoundly impact any organization.

The Mettl insurance sales executive assessment directly measures sales and business development skills and attributes and examines the factors that affect insurance agents' performance. Our flagship tests from Mettl's psychometric inventory address your critical questions, including:

  • How well does the candidate we are hiring know the current and emerging best practices associated with business-to-consumer selling?
  • Does our team consistently apply those practices?
  • How are we addressing our insurance agents' performance gaps in critical areas like needs assessments, suggestive selling, and customer service?
  • How can our insurance agents team become our competitive advantage that drives customer loyalty?

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Looking for a customised test?

Are you looking for a customised version of this test. Or looking to get a new test build according to your requirements from scratch? Reach out to our subject matter experts and discuss the same.

Use the insurance sales aptitude test for: 

Hiring the 'Right' Sales Talent and Improving the Existing Sales Talent: The Mettl insurance sales executive assessment combines a detailed understanding of the insurance sales hiring process and the unique skillsets proven to predict sales hiring success 90% of the time. Mettl also provides customized solutions to meet your business requirements in insurance sales.

Optimizing Sales Performance through 'development needs analysis': Our quantitative and validated process analyzes your insurance agents, detailing each individual’s potential to become a top performer. We provide a roadmap that identifies the skills each individual must learn, the attributes they must develop, and the weaknesses they must overcome to achieve top sales success.

Increasing Sales Revenue: Armed with validated insights using Mettl’s assessments, you can develop and initiate appropriate sales talent strategies to drive revenue, sales, and business performance – creating a genuine competitive advantage.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Sales Executive/ Sales Representative
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sales Apprentice
  • Assistant Sales Manager
  • Insurance Agents

Test Details:

Number of Sections


Number of Questions


Test Duration

60 minutes

Test Language


NOTE: If required, the test can be offered in other languages as well. Please connect with us at for any such requirement.

Section Details:

Mettl Personality Inventory

Assesses the candidate's behavioral competencies required for a sales role and is based on the Big Five Model of Personality.

Sales Knowledge Test

Assesses the functional understanding of the sales process through situational judgment questions

Customer Focus Test

Measures the person's ability to handle customers through situational judgment questions

Mettl Motivation Inventory

Measures the person's key career motivators that drive his/her success in the role.

Answer to common queries:

What if an individual takes a test in a socially appropriate manner or manipulates the responses?

We take utmost care of the social desirability bias during the stage of the test construction. We include only such items in the final versions of the tests where, though the rigging of response may seem doable, the scoring in such cases cannot be estimated. However, in a few assessments where the problems seem to be pretty straightforward, we methodically determine if the participants have manipulated the responses or randomly responded.

Can we do benchmarking for an organization for a specific role?

It is possible to do so for different job roles for your organization. We follow a scientifically valid benchmarking process. Please write to us, and we would be glad to assist.

Is it possible to map an organization's competency framework to your assessments?

We have an exhaustive list of satisfied clients. Please write to us with such a request, and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

How do we identify the thresholds for the competency levels for a norm group?

The proficiency levels(thresholds)are based on the normal probability distribution for a specific norm group.

How are norms derived for any specific psychometric test?

The insights generated across industries and verticals of multiple organizations is periodically updated in the Mercer | Mettl database. We always ensure that newly added data gets incorporated while preparing the reports.

What if the reports produced for the psychometric assessments vary from the person's actual attitude, behavior, or aptitude?

Human behavior is a projection of several environmental and psychological factors. So, it's not advisable to interpret any psychometric report as a definitive predictor of a particular behavior type. So, these reports should be consolidated with various other sources of information and thoroughly validated before making professional decisions about the candidate.

If you notice any discrepancy in the reports, which factually deviates from the individual's actual behavior, always refer to other physical, environmental, and psychological factors influencing that behavior. For the best combination of assessment tools for your specific needs (i.e., job/functional tests, psychometric assessments, behavioral interviews, etc.), please reach out to us. Our consultants would be happy to address your queries.

Is the insurance sales test hard?

It may seem considerably overwhelming in the beginning, preparing for and qualifying for the insurance agent aptitude test is not as complicated as it looks. The best way to get an idea is to try mock tests in advance.

How many questions are there on the insurance agent skills assessments?

The test has 127 questions and must be completed in one hour.

What are the questions asked in the insurance interview?

Given below are some commonly asked questions that recruiters usually ask in the interview: 

  • Why do you want to work in the insurance industry?
  • Tell us about a time when you realized that you've made mistakes, and what were your learnings from the past events?
  • What have you learned from mistakes on the insurance sales job?
  • What's your greatest weakness?
  • Why should we consider you for this insurance sales position?
  • Can you please tell us what you know about our organization?
  • What interests you most about this job?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

What skills do insurance agents need?

Listed below are some crucial skills needed for insurance agents:

  • Sales aptitude
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Prioritization skills 
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Networking skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Organizational skills 
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Resilience
  • Willingness to learn

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