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Manual testing is the process of manually testing a software or an application to find bugs or defects and implementing test cases without making use of any of the automation tools. A tester or a manual test engineer has to act as the end user of an application or a software to ensure that its features are functioning properly, before it reaches to the real end users (customers).  

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Key profiles that the test can be useful for:

  • Manual Test Engineers

  • Test Engineers - Manual Testing

  • QA Manual Testers

Answer to common queries:

Can we benchmark candidates based on our internal sample set?

We can do so selectively. Please write to us for such a request and we would be glad to assist.


Can we customize the report to include some specific analyses?

We have done so in the past on a client-to-client basis. Please write to us for such a request and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

How it works:

step 1

Add this test to your tests

step 2

Share test link from your tests

step 3

Candidate take the tests

step 4

You get their tests report

Note You will be charged only at step 3. i.e. only when candidate start the test.

Relevant for Industries

  • IT
  • ITeS

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