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About Python
In comparison with many languages, Python is easy to grasp and use. It uses more straightforward commands to function and lesser text than most other languages. It’s evident in the popularity of Python among coders, students, and tech companies. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that Python, the pervasive programming language,  has found an essential place in our lives. Its integral presence in our lives says it all - mobile devices, online searches, and games, to name a few. 

The year 1991 saw the inception of the Python, which was created by a Dutch programmer named Guido Van Rossum. Since it is an interpreted language, it comes with an interpreter that executes the program directly instead of relying on complicated machine languages. Also, the language is open source, which makes it accessible for anyone who wants to contribute to it. Much like the English language, it’s readable, understandable, and easy to use. It’s one of the preferred languages of top companies - Google, Wikipedia, CERN, and NASA, to name a few.

The first version, Python 1.0, was published in February 1991. Python 2.0 came out on October 16, 2000. Meanwhile, Python 3.0 came out on December 3, 2008. This version of Python is not backward compatible with its predecessor. It put particular emphasis on the removal of repetitive programming constructs. Python 3.8.1 is the latest version of Python 3.

What is Python 3?
In December 2003, Python 3.0 was released to address those issues which existed in Python 2. It’s not backward compatible, and some of its features were backported to Python 2.x versions to ease the migration process in Python 3.0. Consequently, any organization that was using Python 2.x had to incorporate several changes to migrate their project to 3.x. These changes not only pertain to projects and applications but also all the libraries of the Python ecosystem.

Why should you use Python 3?
Below are some noteworthy reasons why developers should use Python  3.x  version:

  • It supports all the modern techniques - AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning to name a few
  • It includes a large community of Python developers where members help each other
  • It is easier to learn compared to previous versions
  • It presents users with powerful libraries and toolkits
  • It is easy to link between components written in other languages easily

Most developers grapple with the question of which Python version to use. However, Python 3 is the downright winner because the olden versions may be discontinued in times to come. And Python 3 is the only version that’ll receive updates for security and bug fixes. The sooner developers will realize that older versions of Python will no longer be supported, the sooner they’ll switch to Python 3.x. However, if a job requires programming on Python 2, that would make only sense to use this version.

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About Python Online Assessment
Python online aptitude test will be useful as a tool to measure the initial Python programming knowledge. The Python developer test provides some valuable insights into the candidates’ expertise and knowledge level. Recruiters and hiring managers can build a high-performing team of specialized developers with Python online assessments. Most importantly, employers can circumvent the risk of making bad hiring decisions. 

The skills mentioned below can be evaluated using Python online assessments: 

Coding Skills: basics, syntax and semantics, programming capability based on conceptual knowledge, application of data structures, using Python as a scripting language, advanced levels of programming, skills related to designing code design and development in Python 3

IronPython Skills: Custom function, FolderBrowserDialogue, Image Menu Item, Using Lists as Stack

Django Skills: Jinja Filters, Django query sets,  Django Models

Python Pandas Skills: Dataframe,  Popularity Indexing with Pandas, Data sources in Python

Numpy Skills:  Matrix Dot Product, NumPy array

Why should you use Mercer I Mettl’s Python Online Assessment?
By using these assessments for Python programmer recruitment, you can significantly reduce your candidate filtration time by up to 85%. Any client who has ever used Python for developing web applications and enterprise-based software can attest to the popularity and ubiquity of this language. Since Python is in demand for a plethora of reasons, the need for developers in this field is going to be exponentially high. The Python online aptitude tests of Mercer| Mettl enables employers to gauge the practical skills of test-takers. These skill tests are a handpicked collection of technology-based MCA/MCQ questions, which may also help candidates obtain a realistic perspective of the job requirements and their current skills. The test results will eventually serve as a testament to the candidates’ understanding of the topics covered in Python online assessments. 

This test will help you in measuring:

  • Basics of Python 3.x Programming
  • Knowledge of Advanced Concepts like Lambda, Regex, etc.
  • Familiarity with different data types in Python 3.x
  • Hands-on development skills
Number of Sections 4
Number of Questions 19
Test Duration 60 Minutes
Test Language English

Section-wise details:

Number of MCA/MCQ questions based on Python 3.x (Data Types, Basic Concepts, and Advanced Concepts) 18
Hands-on coding problems to assess the programming skills of the candidate. 1

Candidates with a work experience of 1-3 years are eligible to take the test

Difficulty level: Easy

Answer to common queries:

Q. Can candidates be benchmarked based on the internal sample set?
A. Yes, at Mettl, it can be done. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. Is it possible to customize the report as per the need?
A. Yes, we can do it. We have already done it in the past for our clients. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to find the best solution for you.

Q Why is Python 3 better than Python 2?
A. Given below are some points of difference which you can use to determine the better of the two Python versions:

  • The syntax of Python 3 is simpler and more understandable than Python 2
  • Unicode is the default storing of strings for Python 3 whereas Python 2 stores requirement include defining Unicode string value with  “u’’  
  • Python 3 provides parenthesis for enclosing the exceptions whereas Python 2 includes notations
  • The value of variables in Python 3 never changes whereas the value of the global variable changes in Python 2 (while using the statement inside the for loop)
  • The rules of ordering comparisons in Python 3 are more straightforward than the rules in Python 2
  • In Python 3, the range () is used to perform iterations whereas, Python 2 uses the range() for iterations

Q What is a Python programming quiz?
A. There is no shortage of online resources that aspirants can use free of cost to test their Python skills, and the online Python quiz is one such resource. Some of the best online portals offer choicest quizzes that include the most relevant and frequently asked questions. It hardly matters whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an experienced professional; these quizzes have something for everyone. Such online mock tests touch upon all areas of Python and help many professionals jumpstart their journey on becoming an accomplished programmer.

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