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SAP ABAP Developer Test to identify job-fit candidates for developer roles

The SAP ABAP Developer Test is a technical assessment and a part of the evaluation process to ascertain candidates' suitability for developer roles that involve developing applications and software programs through the SAP and ABAP programming codes. This test is undertaken by technical recruiters and hiring managers who determine applicants' job suitability in the screening process after a detailed evaluation of skills and knowledge in SAP ABAP.

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Inside This SAP ABAP Developer Test

The SAP ABAP Online Test is the preferred pre-employment assessment for employers to identify ideal candidates for developer roles, such as SAP ABAP developer and SAP ABAP application developer. By screening out unsuitable applicants and identifying relevant candidates, this test helps reduce the time it takes busy recruiting managers to screen and assess potential candidates, which subsequently helps to improve the interview-to-selection ratio.

The best way to manage screening of candidates at scale is through this SAP ABAP Skills Test, which makes reducing a sizable candidate pool to only the most suited an easy affair. This enables hiring teams to keep financial and time-related hassles at bay, helping them save an inordinate amount of money on each hire. This test, designed and validated by seasoned subject matter experts, includes carefully selected multiple-choice questions that test domain knowledge and on-the-job skills.

This 60-minute test includes 30 MCQs to test applicants' knowledge of SAP ABAP. The test will adequately address the screening process, allowing employers to assess qualified candidates through interviews and evaluate in-depth assessment results for final consideration.

The following roles can be primarily evaluated using this SAP ABAP Developer Test:

  • SAP ABAP developer 
  • ABAP developer 
  • SAP ABAP application developer 


Businesses and talent must be resilient and flexible in today's constantly evolving world. As a result, digital processes or IT infrastructures may need to be more conducive for business development purposes. That is why developers worldwide with expertise in central IT and automated business processes have become the utmost priority for organizations that need the adoption of digital solutions to attain their goals.

SAP, short for system application and products, is one of the most used enterprise resource planning software for implementing end-to-end data management solutions in enterprises. An enterprise's various departments can utilize various SAP modules for different business processes. The integration of these modules is carried out using ABAP programs. ABAP, short for advanced business and application programming, is SAP's programming language used to develop enterprise-level applications in the SAP environment.

SAP ABAP developers play a pivotal role in developing software programs and applications via the SAP and ABAP programming codes. In addition, they undertake various tasks and streamline processes that enterprises can rely on to conduct business efficiently and regularly. Therefore, employers look for highly skilled candidates when recruiting SAP ABAP developers. However, despite this highly coveted skill set, the SAP ABAP recruitment market is relentlessly competitive, and searching for the best talent can take time and effort.

As SAP ABAP skills are highly sought-after in the world of SAP programming, a well-thought-out recruitment process must include a pre-employment screening assessment to gain deep insights into each applicant's competency. That is where the SAP ABAP Developer Test comes in handy in helping employers explore data-driven insights about the potential candidate's all-around competency.

The SAP ABAP Test includes a range of questions with varying complexity. Candidates who are proficient in ABAP should be able to answer most of the questions correctly. The test helps hiring managers understand what a candidate knows and comprehends as far as conceptual clarity is concerned. It encompasses multiple-choice questions: a popular testing format used worldwide that allows for objective scoring and instant evaluation. Ultimately, the test scores provide a clear picture of the talent pool because it's easy to compare them to analyze how candidates perform relative to one another.


This SAP ABAP Developer Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

SAP ABAP Developer Test competency framework

Get a detailed look inside the test

SAP ABAP Skills Test competency under scanner


The following skills are assessed in this section: Data dictionary - concept, database buffer - concept, debugging - concept, IDOC - concept, interactive reporting - analysis and application, interfaces - application and analysis, interface EDI electronic data interchange - concept, module pool - analysis and application, query - application and concept, RFC- analysis and application, SAP BAPI - analysis and application, SAP notes - concept, t-code - analysis and concept, tables and views - application and concept, Web Dynpro - analysis and application, SAP ABAP - Z t-codes - analysis and concept.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SAP ABAP interviews can confuse freshers, and most would instead express discomfort attending a technical SAP interview. In addition, interviewers and interviews come in different forms and flavors, as these could be for a full-time job, an assignment (long/short term) or an internship.  

Candidates should ensure transparency and clarity in whatever they have mentioned in their resumes. They should appear relaxed when asked about anything on their CV, or it can make a wrong first impression at an interview.

Interviewees should refrain from cramming for exams; however, they can go through template-based SAP interview questions, available on any websites and blogs related to SAP ABAP exam questions.

 Listed below are some tips that will come in handy:

  • Candidates must be well-versed in SAP and keep abreast of the latest technological trends. 
  • They can revise their basics by visiting SAP online courses and practicing mock interview questions. 
  • Once they have mastered the fundamentals, taking the practice level one notch up would be the next best thing. 
  • Aspirants should also focus on these topics: ALV reports, data dictionary, reports, BDC, SAP functional flow (for ex. MM, SD, FI), smart forms basics, etc.

The Mercer | Mettl SAP ABAP Skills Test is tailored for recruitment. However, we can do benchmarking for custom sample sets as well. Please write to us about your request; we will gladly assist you.

We have previously customized SAP ABAP Test reports based on the client’s requirements. So please write to us with your request, and we will be glad to provide you with a solution.

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