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Software Engineering Test to attract and hire top engineers

The Software Engineering Online Test evaluates candidates' understanding of engineering concepts, software development and principles, and best practices. It is a pre-employment screening test that helps predict job success for IT engineers. The test identifies individuals with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in IT engineering roles.

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About the Mercer | Mettl Software Engineering Test

The IT Engineer Test is a comprehensive pre-hire test to gauge the suitability and potential of candidates in IT engineering roles. It measures various competencies critical for success in this profession. This test for IT engineers assesses candidates' knowledge and skills of the fundamental principles and topics of software engineering. It helps recruiters to hire IT engineers by identifying candidates who can employ an engineering thinking approach to problems and find the most optimal solution. It helps streamline hiring by focusing efforts and resources on the most remarkable talent.  

Who is a software engineer?

Software engineers use engineering principles and programming language expertise to construct solutions catering to end users' needs. Software engineers create and design applications, including computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, and middleware, among other career opportunities.  

Benefits of the IT Engineering Test

Using an IT Engineering Test in the recruitment process is beneficial to employers in the following ways:  

  • It helps eliminate biases by providing all candidates with the same standardized test, ensuring evaluation based solely on test results.  
  • It provides a scalable solution, allowing recruiters to handle multiple applications efficiently. The test also offers quantifiable and objective results, enabling recruiters to make informed decisions.  
  • It streamlines the hiring process and enables recruiters to hire the most suitable candidate, focusing on skills proficiency.  

What is inside this Software Engineering Test?

This test includes multiple-choice questions the candidates must solve within a set time. It consists of twenty MCQs with a test duration of twenty minutes. There are sixteen questions with an intermediate difficulty level and four questions with a fundamental difficulty level. Candidates who excel in this test demonstrate a firm grasp of computer science fundamentals, software design principles, and algorithm analysis. The test guarantees these candidates possess the necessary technical abilities for business success.  

What skills does this IT Engineering Test cover?

Competencies can be divided into two categories for the IT engineer hiring process. They are:   

  • Data protection: The following sub-skills are covered in this test section - data recovery and data security development.   
  • Security concepts: This test section covers sub-skills such as – firewall, information security, infrastructure security and risk assessment.  

What roles can you assess using the Software Engineering Test?   

  • Back-end developers: They create, test, maintain, and debug the entire back end of an application or system, including the core application logic, databases, data and application integration, API, and other behind-the-scenes processes.   
  • Full-stack developers: They create a product from scratch and oversee the overall project flow. It involves utilizing up-to-date front-end, back-end, and cloud technologies.   
  • Software developers: They design and code software for businesses and consumers. They collaborate with clients to determine their requirements and utilize programming languages like Java or C++ to develop programs.   
  • Web developers: They design and construct websites. They handle the site's visual appearance and technical aspects, such as speed and scalability. Additionally, web developers create site content that requires technical features.   

Sample questions for the IT Engineering Test

  1. What does CASE stand for?   

CASE stands for computer-aided software engineering. The CASE tool makes software development and maintenance more manageable and reliable.   

  1. Which framework activities are there in adaptive software development (ASD)?   

Adaptive software development (ASD) has three framework activities - speculation, collaboration, and learning.   

  1. What are the benefits of smoke-testing?   

Some benefits of smoke testing are minimizing the risk of integration, improving the end-product quality, simplifying the diagnosis and correction of errors and making assessing progress easy.   

  1. In which category can white-box testing be classified?   

White-box testing can be classified as structural testing.   

  1. Identify a significant drawback of the spiral model.   

In the spiral model, the major drawback is that additional functionalities are added later on.

IT Engineer Test competency framework

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IT Engineer Test competencies under scanner

IT Engineer competencies


Data protection

The following sub-skills are covered in this test section - data recovery and data security development.

Security concepts

This test section covers sub-skills such as – firewall, information security, infrastructure security and risk assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Software engineers must be skilled in computer science, various coding languages, problem-solving, teamwork and critical thinking.

Software engineers use their computer science expertise to create, fix, and maintain software programs. They work with clients to implement functionalities needed in their software to serve their users better.

A senior software engineer has more experience than a software engineer. They take on more responsibilities and contribute more to a specific project.

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