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Xcode Test: Streamline hiring with Xcode Proficiency Assessment

The Xcode Test is a pre-employment screening test designed to evaluate candidates' knowledge of Xcode, including its development tools, debugging capabilities, security and deployment, project management, and hands-on coding (Swift/Objective-C) proficiency. This assessment ensures recruiters hire developers familiar with the critical aspects of app development, helping them build a capable team. 

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Inside this Xcode Assessment

The Xcode Test is a comprehensive pre-employment screening assessment that helps recruiting managers evaluate the competence of prospective candidates across a spectrum of critical skill areas in software development for Apple's ecosystem. Firstly, it measures test-takers' proficiency in hands-on coding through Swift and Objective-C on Codelysis, a robust coding simulator powered by Mercer | Mettl. 

This coding test helps determine candidates' familiarity with these programming languages as they are the backbone of app development for iOS, macOS, and other Apple platforms. It further ensures that candidates possess the fundamental coding skills to develop efficient and robust applications.

Additionally, the test gauges candidates' technical proficiency in various Xcode-specific competencies, which are listed below:

Navigators and inspectors - Questions centered around these skills help assess respondents’ ability to navigate and manage project hierarchies efficiently. 

Certificates and code signing - This skill section aims at determining examinees’ knowledge of security protocols and app distribution processes. 

Debugging - Debugging-based questions help ascertain test-takers' capability to identify and rectify issues in their code.  

Configuring project properties - Questions based on these skills help demonstrate applicants’ proficiency in optimizing project settings. 

Playground and command line tools - These skills-based questions help gauge candidates’ understanding of experimental and command-driven development. 

Features - Assessing the knowledge of features can help recruiters understand whether assessment takers can harness the full potential of Xcode's toolset. 

Workspaces - Questions based on this topic will help assess applicants' ability to manage projects within collaborative environments effectively.

By administering the Online Xcode Test, hiring managers can confidently select candidates who demonstrate proficiency in these critical areas and are capable of contributing immensely to their application development teams.

The test helps ascertain candidates' suitability for the following roles: 

  • iOS (Xcode) developer 
  • Xcode developer 
  • Xcode engineer 


The high demand for iOS developers and engineers well-versed in Xcode reflects the ever-increasing reliance on mobile technology and the accelerated demand for innovative app solutions across various industries. There are multiple factors contributing to this elevated demand. Primarily, Apple's versatile and robust ecosystem, covering iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, continues to be widely admired, resulting in a requirement for proficient developers to develop applications for a broad user base.

Secondly, the constantly evolving technology domain necessitates developers to keep abreast of the latest Xcode features, Swift's regular updates, and platform enhancements, making it crucial to hire seasoned developers and engineers who are agile and adaptable. Furthermore, the detailed and security-centered aspect of Apple's application development process, including code signing and certificate management, mandates hiring candidates with Xcode skills to ensure apps meet Apple's quality and security standards.

However, identifying applicants well-versed in Xcode can be more complex than it seems. The underlying complexity of the Xcode ecosystem necessitates developers to possess a wide-ranging skill set, ranging from Swift and Objective-C coding expertise to mastery of debugging tools, property configuration skills, and workspace management skills. Hence, navigating this complexity through prescreening becomes crucial for identifying the best talent.

This is where the Xcode Test comes in handy to streamline hiring for recruiting managers. Gauging candidates' Xcode proficiency across various subskills, such as debugging, navigation, and project configuration, enables hiring managers to identify top talent efficiently. This pre-hiring evaluation ensures that only the most competent and versatile candidates move ahead in the stages of the hiring process, saving time and resources and guaranteeing the recruitment of professionals who can excel and thrive in the domain of iOS app development.  


This Xcode Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Xcode Test Competency Framework

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Xcode Test


Hands-on coding -

The Xcode Test assesses candidates' Swift and Objective-C programming skills within the Codelysis coding simulator, focusing on crucial Xcode competencies to inform hiring decisions for Apple app development roles.

Xcode -

Questions in this skills section include the following sub-skills: navigators and inspectors, certificates and code signing, debugging, configuring project properties, playground, command line tools, features, and workspaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Xcode Test measures the breadth and depth of candidates' expertise across various critical Xcode skills, such as project management, coding, debugging, and security. It also includes a hands-on coding problem that offers a practical assessment of candidates’ technical competencies. Covering a wide range of Xcode topics helps provide a comprehensive overview of each candidate's employability skills and work readiness.

Yes, Mercer | Mettl offers customization options for the Xcode Pre-employment Assessment. We understand that every company has unique requirements, and we can tailor the assessment to each company's specific job skills, roles, and proficiency levels. We aim to provide a holistic evaluation tool that aligns seamlessly with your recruitment requirements and ensures you find job-fit talent.  

The Xcode Test reports are comprehensive and offer profound insights into each assessment taker's performance. These reports underscore candidates' strengths and areas of improvement. These assessment insights help recruiters make informed talent decisions concerning which candidates to eliminate from consideration and which ones to move forward in the hiring process. 

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