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Hire the Right Fit Sales Manager to Enhance B2C Sales of Your Organization

For building a strong and top-performing sales team, senior sales personnel are responsible for directing, mentoring, motivating, hiring potential sales executives/representatives, and holding the accountability of the performance of salespersons in the team.


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Benefits of using Mettl B2C Sales Potential Assessment (Experienced level): 

  1. You will get a perfect match between the talent you asked for and the talent that you are supplied with.
  2. All the major skills that will help you get a better understanding and holistic picture of a candidate’s knowledge and potential are tested in the assessment.  
  3. The skill gap analysis will help you in identifying the gaps that need to be filled in order to develop high potential sales managers in your organization.
  4. You can employ the ‘right fit’ sales candidates for your organization and improve the talent of existing employees. Your unique business requirements to enhance B2C sales will also be taken care of with customized solutions.
  5. You will get a roadmap through validated and quantitative processes for identifying the skills and attributes that your existing salespersons are required to develop, for optimizing the sales performance of the organization.
  6. You can escalate your sales revenue by receiving validated insights for developing your sales talent strategies and improving business performance.


Key profiles that the test can be useful for:

  • Sales Managers/Assistant Sales Managers
  • Regional/Area Sales Managers
  • Territory Managers
  • Relationship and Key Account Managers


Test description:

The test contains 132 items that follow the competency-based approach for measuring a candidate’s customer centricity, sales potential, sales knowledge, and key motivators for different B2C businesses. It identifies a candidate’s fitment for the job role on the basis of his/her personality traits. The test gauges a candidate’s personality traits using 5 competencies and 21 sub-competencies, which are:

  • Self-management (self-confidence, self-control, achievement orientation, stress resiliency, and learning agility).
  • Management of sales process (information seeking, process planning and execution, result orientation, taking initiatives, and perseverance).
  • Management of customer relationship (networking with people, empathy, influencing others, and customer service orientation).
  • Business Acumen (market awareness, strategic alignment, brand building).
  • Leadership Skills (team management, consultative problem solving, negotiation and persuasion skills, leading by example, and decision-making skills).

The table below provides the details of how Mettl Personality Inventory has been standardized in the industry:

Reliability score

Cronbach's alpha .88

Validity score

This score ranges from .86 to .90 for different norm groups

Theoretical basis

The Big 5 Theory of Personality


Test details:

Number of sections


Number of questions


Test duration

75 minutes

Test language



NOTE: If required, the test can be provided in other languages as well. Please connect with us at for any such requirement.


Section details: 

Mettl B2C Sales Knowledge Test

Assesses the functional understanding of a candidate about the B2C sales process, using real-life situation judgement questions.

Mettl Personality Inventory

Assesses the behavioural sales competencies of a candidate. It is based on the Big Five Model of Personality.

Mettl Abstract Reasoning Test

Assesses a candidate’s ability to strategically derive solutions for different problems by logically evaluating them. It is based on the item response theory (IRT).

Mettl B2B Customer Focus Test

Assesses the ability of a candidate to handle customers, using situation judgement questions.

Mettl Motivation Inventory

Assesses the significant career motivators that drive a candidate to succeed in his/her job role.



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