Automate Your L&D Programs With Virtual Assessment And Development Centers

Our Online And Offline Tools Make Your ACDCs Scalable, Efficient and Suitable For All Roles


Flexible Assessment and Development Center Offerings That Meet Your Needs

Use cases of Mettl's Assessment and Development Centre

Virtual Assessment & Development Center

A complete online suite of scientifically validated tools & assessments that simulates AC/DCs. Eliminate logistics hassles & reduce costs.

Blended Assessment & Development Center

Retain flexibility by combining online assessment with on-field programmes as per your needs. Create holistic development maps for your employees.

Traditional Assessment & Development Center

Comprehensive psychometric programs designed to evaluate key competencies in individuals through a set of strategic group activities conducted in an offline setting.

Why Mettl?

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Eliminate Assessors Biases with a variety of tools

Comprehensive Evaluation of behaviour, traits and cognition

End-to-End management of all logistical hassles

Increased productivity of employees

Reduced Gaming of the Process

Objective Assessments

Our Virtual Assessment & Development Center Cater to All Your Business Needs

Identification of High Potentials

Development Centres help create a pool of managerial talents & multifunctional managers that would be available across the business group.

Training Needs Identification

Provides candidates and the organisation with concrete data on the improvement areas which can be used for training.


Leadership Hiring & Succession Planning

Organizations use Development Centers to understand if a person can handle challenges that come with a higher position.


Leadership Development

Gauging the proficiency levels of various competencies, help organisations identify key developmental areas for the leadership.


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