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Codelysis: Hire The Best Coder

A Robust Coding Simulator to Evaluate Hands-On Experience & Capability to Code in Desired Language

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Replicate an IDE & Automatically Evaluate Candidate’s Code on Various Parameters



Either pick a test from our extensive programming Test Library , or create your own test, using your own questions or ours.

Check Plagiarism

  • Detect code similarity, be it outright or partial, based on identical lines, code structure & other parameters via an automated system

  • We use combination of MOSS (Measure of Software Similarity) and our in-house string comparison algorithm to keep a check on plagiarism

check plagiarism
code playback

Code Playback

  • We share the full video of code recorded at each keystroke to know the thought process of the candidate and to know how he/she executed the program

  • It is tightly integrated with code editors like Emacs, Vims, and Sublime. Code Playback, basically shows you the video of the evolution of code at each compilation

Custom Scoring

  • We award points to each of the hidden, and default test cases successfully passed by several parameters

  • These include code correctness, its difficulty level, time and space complexities, and other such key points

  • Based on all of these, a candidate is given a score which is considered as the benchmark for getting to the next level

custom scoring

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