Mettl X-athon: How It Works?

Organizing, Participating and Assessing a Hackathon, Simplified and Flexible Via Seamless Hackathon Management Software


Create your hackathon. Inspire participants to join. Run fair evaluations.

Organizers can setup their own powerful hackathon in just 4 simple steps.

Participants can enjoy super easy team creation and hassle-free submissions.

Assessors can run fair, to-the-point and error-free evaluations.


Create Event- Specify the timelines, list the venue, display prize details, and other relevant team details.

Customize Event Page- Inspire candidates to participate, display rules & rewards and other significant information, directing them to sign up.

Define Multiple Stages- Clarify all the mandatory details for multiple rounds of assessments, add challenges either by picking our tests or your own.

Specify Evaluation Criteria- Define certain parameters for evaluation to evaluate on and send invitations to respective judges.



Landing Page- Make them learn about the hackathon event, read the rules and specific timelines at one place, and register for the event.

Team Creation- Let them create their team with full liberty to the leader and members to delete or dissolve it anytime before the event starts.

Submission- Let them easily make their submissions for multiple rounds by just uploading the file and publishing it.

Accessibility- Provide them with access to their live ranking, important reminders & mailers, and any operational, technical or logistical support.



Track Submissions- Allow judges to track the team status explicitly, actions and scores of the assigned team along with all the completed or ongoing event.

Assess & Grade- Let judges effortlessly download the submission, assess and grade as per the guidelines and share feedback with the team.