• August, 2014

    Mettl Upgrades To A New Office

    At some point it's time for an upgrade. Mettl transitions into a bigger office space, marking an increase in capacity for big things to come.

  • July, 2014

    Mettl Launches Its Online Certification Platform

    Mettl's Online certification program makes it easy, intuitive and effective to create and conduct certificate exams on the cloud. It provides a secure, flexible platform that enables companies to efficiently deliver online IT and other certification programs to candidates around the world.

  • April, 2014

    Mettl Launches Its Library Of Pre-Built Tests

    Mettl launches a collection of SME verified pre-built tests for use on its revolutionary assessment platform.

  • November, 2013

    Mettl Launches Its Online Proctoring Platform

    How can a proctor manage online testers and prevent them from cheating? Using technology, of course. Mettl, an India-based startup, has come to Silicon Valley with automated, algorithm-based techniques for netting cheaters that the company claims are even more sophisticated and foolproof than previous options... Read More

  • August, 2013

    The Mettl Team Hits 50

    Mettl hits another milestone with the addition of its 50th team member

  • May, 2013

    Mettl Wins Top Startup Award At TiEcon

    We are awarded as one of the top 50 startups in the world by TiE

  • February, 2013

    Mettl Is Mentioned In The New York Times

    Thomas Friedman describes Mettl as "The most interesting I.T. project I came across [in India]" in his Op - Ed column for the New York Times. Friedman notes Mettl's "proctoring program for Internet-based distance learning so a young person in a remote Indian village could be reliably tested on a body of knowledge and the teacher given immediate feedback." Read More

  • February, 2013

    Mettl Introduces Business Case Study Simulator

    Mettl, India's leading online skill assessment platform, has introduced an innovative new tool to its successful lineup. The company's new case study simulator aims to bring case study methodology to online assessments. Testers can simply log on to the Mettl platform and participate in the treasure hunt, better described as the gamification of a business case problem, upon invitation from a participating company or institution.

  • September, 2012

    Mettl Wins Michael Porter Strategy Award

    In India's first edition of the Mint-Institute for Competitiveness Strategy awards, Mettl is recognized as a differentiator in the education industry that is positively impacting the recruitment process while providing convenience, efficiency and power to its clients.Read More

  • August, 2012

    Mettl raises $4m funding

    Mettl, an online skills assessment platform based out of India, has raised $4 million in a Series A round led by IndoUS and existing investors to accelerate product development. Vani Kola, MD at IndoUS will join the board of the company.Read More

  • June, 2012

    Mettl Moves Into Its First Commercial Office

    Nothing says legitimacy quite like moving out of the garage. Mettl hits the accelerator with a big move into its first commercial office space

  • March, 2011

    Mettl Recieves $350,000 Angel Investment From Blume Ventures

    Mettl's veteran team receives the VC mark of trust from Blume Ventures with a $350,000 angel investment. Expectations are high as more and more industries are shifting their focus to online platforms.Read More

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